Why you should make the wardrobe investment

why you should make the wardrobe investment

It’s true, a tailor can create a customized suit or item of clothing that will fit you perfectly, far superior to anything you buy off a rack. But he or she can do a lot more, as well.

why you should make the wardrobe investment
why you should make the wardrobe investment

Update your favourite jacket

  • No need to shell out hundreds of bucks for a new one if the fit isn’t right.
  • Shorten the length or alter to fit properly your favourite jacket if you’ve lost or gained weight.

Revive a cherished classic

  • Reline your favourite wool or cashmere coat or jacket.
  • For a fun, fresh look, add a silk printed lining to a casual jacket or spring coat.
  • Hem a dress or skirt for a fresh, fashionable look. Got a long, suffocating hem-line collecting dust in the closet? Now’s your chance to show off your legs.

Instantly look “slimmer!”

  • Hem a pair of trousers because a pair of pants that is too long looks sloppy.
  • If you have a pair of trousers with a wide leg, ask about slimming them, too.

Keep it in the family

  • Take grandma’s old blazers and remove the shoulder pads, if you so choose. Modernizing vintage finds isn’t only economical, it allows you to flex your creative side.

Put your best foot forward

  • If the shoe fits, wear it! But sometimes it’s not that simple. Have a tailor widen a shoe that’s just a little too snug. No need to walk on pins and needles.

Bonus benefits

  • From switching buttons to changing necklines and hemlines, creating or removing sleeves and adding details, a tailor can update almost any piece in your wardrobe.Revamp your wardrobe — without the shopping
  • Found beautiful fabric that would pair perfectly with your skin tone? Inquire about transforming it into a bespoke scarf, shawl or even skirt.
  • Come prepared with ideas or images of what you want, and let them do the legwork.

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