Why adjusting ice skates is so important

Why adjusting ice skates is so important

It’s no fun to go skating when your skates are not adjusted properly. That’s why it’s crucial to take the time to make sure they’re on right.

When your skates are on just right, skating is a pleasure. But when they’re too loose, or your feet are not fitting the right way, skating can be uncomfortable. That’s why experienced skaters will always take the time to adjust their ice skates.

It starts with a good fit

You can adjust your skates all you want, but if you do not have a pair of skates that fit right, you will not be able to get comfortable. So when you buy your skates, be sure to be fitted properly so you buy the right size. If you need help determining what size you need, ask an expert. Expert skate fitters are there to help in most stores that sell skates. In addition to kicking your heel to the back of your skate when trying on your skates, it’s equally important to wear the type of socks you will be wearing when you are about to go skating.

Heel all the way to the back

Being on the ice with skates that are not adjusted properly is no fun. The first thing you need to do when putting on your skates is kick your heel all the way to the back. That way, your foot will not be swimming inside of your skate. To reiterate the importance of a good fit: you need to kick your heel to the back of the skate when trying skates on to find the best size skate for your foot.

Keep laces tight — but not too tight

Tightening ice skates properly before hitting the ice can help you avoid having to adjust your ice skates once you’re on the ice. But remember not to pull your laces too tight. That can cut off your circulation and be quite painful.

Adjust after you get on the ice, if necessary

Sometimes even when we think we have adjusted our skates properly and walked around a bit off the ice with them feeling fine, we realize once we step onto the ice that they aren’t adjusted properly. No problem. Simply skate to the bench, take a short break and adjust your skates as needed.

Whether you’re playing hockey, figure skating, speed skating or simply pond skating, if you want to be comfortable, you may need to re-adjust your ice skates. Don’t suffer through a hockey or skating session with uncomfortable skates. Adjusting them takes just a minute, and it’s a minute well spent.

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