What you should know when choosing tires for a 4WD vehicle

What you should know when choosing tires for a 4WD vehicle

A 4×4 vehicle, whose engine turns all four wheels simultaneously, needs special tires. This is what should you know when choosing tires for a 4WD vehicle.

The tires of a 4WD vehicle are very different from ordinary car tires. Designed for the unbeaten path, they have performance characteristics suitable for traveling on rough and uneven roads. For example, they will be more flexible, and their tread patterns are deeper and spaced wider apart for the purpose of providing malleability, improving traction and gripping terrain.

Types of 4×4 tires

There are several types of 4×4 tires. The most common are:

All-terrain tires:There are a wide variety of all-terrain tires with different stud patterns. In general, the intersection of the tread on this type of tire is wider than all-season tires, and is adapted for uneven roads surfaces but is also suitable for paved roads. They are perfect for SUVs and trucks used for both off-road, city and highway driving.

Hybrid Tires:These tires provide outstanding off-road traction and good performance on paved roads. The tread patterns allow it grip better than traditional all-terrain tires. This type of tire is preferred by owners of 4×4 vehicles who ride more kilometres off-road than on the highway.

Vehicle use

How you make use of your vehicle will be the deciding factor when choosing your 4×4 tires.

If your vehicle is only occasionally driven on bumpy roads, you can go with all-terrain tires. Keep in mind that if you equip your 4×4 with tires specifically designed for irregular roads, they may not be as effective on asphalt.

All-terrain tires may be too soft for city driving, and can affect stopping distance.

*Note: There are also tires specifically designed to suit rocky or muddy terrain. Wider spaces between the groves of the tread pattern dig into terrain and are self-cleaning. They retain less mud and give better grip.


To ensure the performance and increase the lifespan of your tires, you should pay special attention to regular maintenance.Remember to:

Re-inflate your tires after each excursion:To ensure performance and function, it is important to inflate your tires to their recommended pressure after driving your 4×4 off-road.

Inspect your tires regularly:Pay attention to your 4×4 tires. If a tire gets damaged while off-roading, it may cause an accident.

Change all four tires at the same time:The four tires on your 4×4 must be used in identical sets (same pattern, same size, etc.), and should be changed all at the same time.

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