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If you don’t already flaunt your freckles, you will now. Thanks to actresses such as Emma Stone and Emma Watson, freckles are officially trending. If you weren’t blessed with spots of your own, you’re in luck because fake freckles are the latest beauty craze. Some people are choosing to get fake freckles tattooed on their face, but a less permanent option is to create fake freckles with makeup.

But what causes freckles, exactly? Well, freckles are clusters of concentrated melanin (the substance that gives skin its pigment) most often visible on people with a fair complexion. They’re also triggered by exposure to sunlight, which is why you may notice a few more popping up in the warmer months!

Freckles give you a sun-kissed, natural looking appearance, so it’s no wonder why celebrities are loving the fake freckles trend. Margot Robbie even admitted to having her makeup artist draw fake freckles over the top of her foundation with a brow pencil for red carpet events.

Want to know how to get your own fake freckles? Here are MAC Global Senior Artist Nicole Thompson’s expert tips for faking your freckles with makeup:

STEP 1: Powder your face. Don’t be too heavy-handed; use just enough to ensure there’s no moisture on the skin. Nicole loves MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder. We also like essence Mattifying Compact Powder.

STEP 2: Choose a pencil. Pick a colour that works with your hair colour and doesn’t go on too dark (or your freckles will look fake). Nicole recommends MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil. You can also use a brow pencil – we love the Models Prefer Retractable Eyebrow Pencil.

STEP 3: Don’t stress about where the dots should be placed – just apply them quickly and softly. Start across the bridge of your nose as this is where the sun would hit naturally, and add as many dots as your heart desires!

STEP 4: For the most natural effect, pat your ‘freckles’ into your skin using your fingertips once applied. This can also help if you’ve applied too heavily!

STEP 5: As long as you apply onto powdered or dry skin, your freckles should last the distance, but if you’re feeling a super hot day coming on, apply a light layer of sheer invisible powder over the top to set. Our members rate Australis Ready Set Go Finishing Powder.

Do you adore freckles as much as I do? What other makeup trends are you loving lately?

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