Top 4 tips to help new moms find like-minded friends

Top 4 tips to help new moms find like-minded friends
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Life as a new mother is one filled with a range of emotions: joy and love for the new baby but also, stress associated with your new role. Combine this emotional time with a touch of sleep deprivation and a maternity leave spent at home, and new mothers might be left feeling a bit lonely. Finding like-minded friends who have also experienced this emotional time is an important source of support. Discovering a supportive group of friends who are also mothers can help new moms transition, as this group can offer a social outlet for mums and babies alike

1. Take to the web

+ Your hunt for playgroups and new friends can begin on the web.

+ Search social media sites for local organizations like playgroups or mums’ clubs designed for people just like you.

+ Websites such as Meetup offer an array of social opportunities for new mothers.

+ You can find playgroups of mothers on your side of town or perhaps even in your neighbourhood.

+ Whether you’re gathering at another mum’s house for coffee and playtime, meeting at a local park or participating in a much- mums’ night out, you will enjoy the social outlet that these groups offer.

2. Sign up for classes

+ Getting out of the house will keep you and your little one busy, and it will allow you to meet other mothers as well.

+ Check out story times at local libraries and bookstores.

+ Mommy and me exercise classes can help you get back in shape while finding new friends.

+ Classes on your baby, such as music classes or gymnastics classes, do more than just teach your little one how to socialize and learn: they also allow you to connect with other local mums and you might meet a few friends along the way.

3. Search within your community

+ Network within your community to build relationships with other mums.

+ Find out if your church has a support group for first-time mothers.

+ Talk to your neighbours about organizing a playgroup that meets once a week.

+ Join a parenting organization that you connect with, such as La Leche League Canada.

+ Tapping into an existing social network will help you expand your circle of friends.

4. Conclusion

+ Being a new mother does not have to be isolating.

+ Creating a supportive circle of mummy friends is achievable if you look in the right places.

+ You’ll embrace your role as a mother even more when you have supportive friends with whom to share your experiences.

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