Throwing a great gender reveal party

Throwing a great gender reveal party

It’s fun, competitive, heartwarming and it’s even replacing the baby shower in some circles. The gender reveal party is one of the biggest trends for new parents. Here are some helpful hints to help you throw a successful and fun gender reveal party.

What’s a gender reveal party?

“Gender reveal party” is a term used for any gathering or celebration during which the sex of an unborn baby is revealed to the unborn child’s parents, family and friends. These parties are gaining steam due to the element of suspense, which keeps parents and attendees engaged and excited. When the big reveal happens, it occurs in an atmosphere of love and celebration. It’s a great show of support for the baby’s parents and a good excuse to party.

How to throw a gender reveal party

Before you can throw a gender reveal party, it’s important to get a sonogram. Ask the sonographer not to reveal the baby’s gender, but to write it down on a slip of paper and place it in a sealed envelope.

Since these parties are gaining popularity, it’s pretty easy to find invitations with phrases like “Find out the sex of Baby X” or “What’ll it be? Boy or Girl?” Or you can go DIY and make your own online.

How to include your guests

Once everyone is there, entertain guests by playing gender guessing games. Many gender reveal parties allow guests to vote on whether the baby is a boy or a girl. Once the baby’s gender is revealed, prizes are given to the guests who predicted correctly. If you want to include gender voting in your party, be sure to gather fun prizes for your guests and think of cute ways for people to vote: Secret ballot? Blue or pink bracelets or pins? It’s up to you.

Finally, decide how you’ll reveal the gender. Create a reveal cake by giving a local baker the sonogram results. Ask them to create a cake colour corresponding to the gender, but to keep the frosting neutral. Balloons make another fun reveal. Take the sonogram to a party store and ask them for a box of balloons in the appropriate colour. No peeking until it’s time!

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