This lovely dog was abandoned in a cage with a heartbreaking note

This lovely dog was abandoned in a cage with a heartbreaking note
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Labradoodles are a popular dog breed but the Henry County Humane Society never expected to find one abandoned with a heartbreaking note.

Located in Geneseo, Illinois, on Sunday, May 21, one of the shelter’s dog walkers discovered the abandoned pup inside the building that will become the Humane Society’s new shelter.

The dog was crammed inside a tiny cage with no food or water — just a note with some of his information.

“In July I’ll have been here three years and I can honestly tell you I’ve never seen anything quite like this,” Tracy Diehl, the manager of the Henry County Humane Society, told TODAY. “Of course, he was scared to death, and he’s still a little nervous, but he’s really doing great.”

The note introduced the dog as Buddy, and claimed he was up to date on his shots and amazing with kids, but that he had outgrown his current apartment.

“It is very hard for me to leave a home where I am very loved and cherished,” the note concluded. “But I hope I can bring joy to my new family.”

But Buddy is on the swift road to recovery and adoption. The shelter has received so many applications they’ve had to stop accepting new submissions and they are currently sorting through the candidates.

While it is a no kill shelter, the shelter has very limited resources and can only house up to four animals at a time. While they are still raising funds, they hope to relocate to the new building by September. The new shelter would be able to take up to 15 dogs at a time.

“He’s just wonderful — he knows how to sit, stay and shake,” said Diehl.

The shelter takes great care in choosing families for their animals.

“We want people to be happy with their choice,” said Diehl. “But we want to make sure the animal is happy as well.”

They even called the potential owners’ current veterinarians to ask if their pets are up-to-date on shots. They also ask about the hopeful owners’ activity level and living environment.

And while Buddy’s situation was so sad, we’re sure this shelter will find a sweet new family that will love and support him.

“The one good thing that’s come out of this is that people are realizing there are great dogs at shelters,” said Diehl. “Please look at your local shelters.”

Diehl explained that once the new facility is complete, they intend to name the dog yard after Buddy.

“Considering how he was crammed in a very small space, we want to name the dog yard after him,” said Diehl. “The dogs will always have a space to run and stretch their legs.”

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