The simple facts about weigela shrubs

The simple facts about weigela shrubs

There’s no need to have a boring, old shrub when you add a splash of colour with a weigela. Here is the simple facts you need to know to add the bright colours of the weigela as a great accent to your yard.

What is a weigela?

The majority of weigela grown in gardens are named varieties that resulted from crossing different species. As a result their colour ranges from white, through many shades of pink, to bright and dark red, often with a different colour inside the flower. Weigela hybrids are versatile shrubs that come in many different sizes and are thus able to fill different roles in the garden. Dwarf varieties grow only 60 to 75 centimetres (26 to 30 inches) high, and can be used as a low hedge to define a garden area without cutting off the view.

The straight goods on growing weigela

  • Plant container-grown plants in spring
  • Set them out half their eventual height away from other plants in roomy planting holes that have been modestly amended with organic matter.
  • Once new growth starts, prune off any shoots that have been winter killed and don’t show new growth.
  • The older wood should be pruned out every three to four years as soon as flowers fade, since blooms develop on short shoots from previous year’s growth.
  • There are no serious pest or disease problems.

The weigela are easy to maintain and the shot of pink colour makes it an appealing shrub. It’s versatility in size make it suitable for any area of your garden.

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