The many ways that tennis attire influences fashion

The many ways that tennis attire influences fashion

From high-end designer looks to everyday wear, here is how to model your fashion style after tennis.

The many ways that tennis attire influences fashion
The many ways that tennis attire influences fashion

Fashion and tennis go hand in hand. Famous players enlist designers to create their attire and some venture into designing clothing themselves.

  • The sport lends itself to expressing style. It is one of the few sports that doesn’t require a uniform, giving players the freedom to express themselves through their style choices.
  • Many aspects of tennis fashion have also crossed over into the mainstream.
  • Classic wardrobe staples, such as V-neck sweaters, polo shirts, and skirts, originated on tennis courts.

1. Comfort is key

  • There is a reason you might like to wear sportswear outside the gym: the clothes are comfortable.
  • They are built for movement. The lightweight material moves with you, flowing without clinging or bunching up.
  • Many people buy workout wear exclusively for the fit.
  • The clothes offer full support and coverage.
  • There are no awkward displays of skin when stretching or bending over. It is like a second skin.

2. The look

  • Tennis wear is not simply clothes; it is an entire look.
  • The style is known for its clean, classic lines, though it has branched out in recent years.
  • Sportswear generally lends itself to a laid-back vibe. It pairs well with care-free accessories. Sneakers will not look out of place here.
  • Tennis wear, in particular, offers more options in the shoe department. Ballet flats and sandals also complement this classic style.
  • Elaborately styled hair and makeup are unnecessary for this look.
  • Simple is better, whether you are on the court or out and about.
  • A polished ponytail looks good, as does a slightly messy up-do.

3. Versatility

  • Tennis attire is versatile. It can be worn almost anywhere (with a few minor tweaks).
  • Tennis clothing is just as suitable for the gym as it is for lunch or a day of shopping.
  • Tennis wear is no longer simply a traditional “preppy” look. It ranges from feminine and flirty to sleek and streamlined to bold and colourful.
  • There is no limit on where to buy tennis clothes. They can found in stores as well as online.
  • Both mainstream designers and independent boutiques offer collections.
  • It is easy to see the rise in tennis-inspired styles. They are comfortable, fun, and diverse.
  • And, of course, don’t forget their original purpose: cute, stylish sportswear is a great motivation to work out.

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