The industries using the most personal assistants

The industries using the most personal assistants

Some industries are more likely to use personal assistants than others. If you’re not sure which industry offers the best chance of getting employed in that capacity, consider the top three fields for personal assistants and jump start your search.

The industries using the most personal assistants
The industries using the most personal assistants

The top three fields for personal assistants

  1. Legal. The legal field is filled with paperwork and tedious tasks of many types, and high-powered lawyers don’t want to deal with their own coffee runs and phone calls. This is also an industry with a significant amount of jargon to learn in order to be an effective legal personal assistant. A s a legal assistant, you may also be able to get help with tuition for pursuing a legal degree. You’ll start out doing a great deal of secretarial work, but over time you can help with more legal paperwork and other important tasks.
  2. Technology. If you’re tech savvy, becoming a personal assistant to middle or upper management in large technology corporations gives you a way to get behind the scenes and understand how this world ticks. It will help to have a basic understanding of consumer and commercial technology, especially as it pertains to the particular field the company works in. As a personal assistant in a technology industry, you work with cutting edge technology, acting as a liaison between your boss and tech workers and handling paperwork tasks for equipment ordering, inventory, testing, and other administrative tasks.
  3. Finance. The finance field is a fast-paced industry that has many roles for personal assistants. Phone calls, running between different departments, and handling massive paperwork loads are all a matter of course for a personal assistant in this capacity. Learning how the financial world works is an important part of being able to provide proactive assistance for your boss. The credit card world is far different from mortgages, so it’s important to learn about the products and services your company has to offer. If possible, use the products yourself so you know exactly what your boss is talking about.

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