The best ways to shop your local charity stores

The best ways to shop your local charity stores

The experienced charity store shopper knows how to find great deals on designer clothing, but it takes some work. With a discerning eye, you could build a fashionable wardrobe at a fraction of the cost.

The best ways to shop your local charity stores
The best ways to shop your local charity stores

Ready to sift through?

  • Many charity stores are updating their image to make it easier to find designer bargains. But for real finds, you may still have to hunt through volumes of less-desirable items.
  • Charity stores are stocked as the donations come in. What you are looking for may not be there today, but it may tomorrow.

Exclusive neighbourhoods

Naturally, the best bargains are more likely to be found in affluent areas. Pick the right shop and you may find designer clothes for a steal.

Designer hand-me-downs

Most people happily accept hand-me-downs from friends and relatives, so why not save a bundle and avoid buying new clothes for kids that they grow out of within the year? You can get real finds, and even designer names, for a fraction of the original price.

Adolescent expressions

The next time your teen asks for money for clothes, steer them to a local charity store. There, they could find great clothes that express their individuality, like:

  • Jeans that they can fashionably rip up without destroying a brand-new pair.
  • Inexpensive scarves, belts, earrings and other accessories that add flair to any outfit.
  • shoes that are suitably worn in to their taste
  • Shirts with plenty of nostalgic and even ironic graphics and lettering.

Costly repairs?

  • When shopping for second-hand goods, don’t get carried away by the bargains. Be realistic about the item’s suitability and the repairs and improvements you can make.
  • If the garment is stained, assess whether you or a good dry cleaner would be able to deal with it.
  • Try to judge whether you would be able to repair any damage yourself or whether you could pay someone else to do it and still save. Problems that are easily tackled include moving buttons and shortening the length.
  • More tricky problems that are better left to the experts are alterations around the shoulder area, or if the it’s made from a more difficult material, like leather or velvet.

Learning a dud from a find may take some practice, but now you can head to your local charity shop and start finding clothes and looks your whole family will love. And you could save money along the way.

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