The best tablets for kids in 2016

The best tablets for kids in 2016
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Technology has embraced the younger generation. It has made their lives impossible without them. Tablets are one of the gadgets that can keep kids indulged in them for several hours and even when it is a downfall for the new generation, parents find ease with it. The problem occurs when your kid wants to hold you iPad and your heart quenches with the stress that he might drop it. They might accidentally purchase some costly app or game and you can do nothing about it. So you simply cannot hand it over to them. This is why kid friendly tablets are in the game now.
So here are the best tablets for kids 2016 that you can buy for your children and make them play on their own, without you having to pear over their shoulder again and again:

Amazon Fire Kids Edition

If you are in search of a tablet that stays within your budget then this gadget is the best bet for you. What else could you wish for? It is 7 inch tablet which will certainly fascinate your child. Amazon’s Free Time Unlimited costs you just $99 and offers you access to 10,000 educational apps, books, games and videos that are appropriate for your kids.

Apple iPad Mini 2

The only difference between this and the iPad Mini 4 is the gold color option along with the fingerprint scanner option. Other than that everything remains the same for your child to enjoy the amazing quality and sharpness of games and anything else that they wish to use the tablet for.

Fisher Price Learning Tablet

This tablet has 35 apps installed in it already. This is great for children aged 3 and above as these apps are for helping them learn. The apps already installed in it have storybooks, rhymes, shapes, letter, phonics and numbers etc. in it. You can leave your child to start learning it all on his own.

Amazon Fire Tablet

If you know that your kid is big and sensible enough to not destroy a tablet then this one is worth it. Amazon Fire tablet is very well priced and is 7 inches, so perfect for little hands. It also comes with parental controls. You can have total control of whatever your kids can navigate. You also get a 2 year warranty with unlimited books, videos and games.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet S2

This 8 inch tablet is a beauty and if you want to treat your kid with the best interface and quality then nothing beats this one. You can enjoy movies with this tablet all through the night. It comes with a kid’s mode which gets all content in the right places for a kid. Yes, you can say that it is a tiny kind of parental control option. This one is on the more expensive side; so think before you leap to buy this one even when it’s worth it.

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