The best 5 sleeping bags you need when going on a picnic

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The best 5 sleeping bags you need when going on a picnic
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Sleeping bags are one of the most important devices for any pedestrian, camper or any individual who just wants to sleep at night, or even days, close to nature outdoors. great. That is what protects the body from the cold surface of the earth regardless of whether people are sleeping in a thick curtain or not. For the most part, these tubular overlays provide excellent insulation for your fragile body. And that is a wise choice when it comes to such accessories that mean a lot to you. Do not worry, because we bring you 5 most wonderful sleeping bags for this year that have been carefully selected to get the optimum insulation.

1/ Wenzel Moose Sleeping Bag

Going on a camping trip can be a really great experience for you when learning more about our natural world. However, the outdoors can be a particularly cruel place for you as they are usually at the mercy of the elements. Tents and other gears such as body coverings are thus, essential when staying under the nighttime sky. Good thing there are products such as the Wenzel Moose. You can choose the color you want, to make the perfect bodyguard in the wilderness. Its outer covering is made of high grade polyester fabric for excellent strength and durability, providing ample coverage for its insulated thermal – Insul-Therm – materials that make up its inner lining. The same fill provides exceptional insulation, giving you optimum warmth and comfort even if the outside temperatures drop to 40 degrees Fahrenheit or about 4 degrees Celsius. The Wenzel Mongoose also comes with a coil zipper that’s been designed to be fully self-repairing. Weighing in at only 3.25 pounds, the Moose can be easily carried even for some backyard camping or even a night by the lakeshore.

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2/ Envelope Camping Sleeping Bag Can be Spliced

Two of the most common problems encountered by user, especially those who have mediocre quality sleeper tubes, are difficulty of rolling up the sleeping bags and the zipper mechanism snagging on the seams of the tube during opening and closing. These typically occur because of poorly constructed fill and a substandard zipper mechanism, respectively. These two issues are addressed. Generally, it is up version with its patented comfort cuff design and glow in the dark accents. What separates it from other Sleeping Bag is its Quick Cord system which simplifies the way in which Sleeping Bag can be packed. Not only that. Rolling it up has become a lot easier. Even the zipper mechanism has been largely improved with the Zip Plow technology, ensuring snag-free opening as well as closing of the tube. The best part is that the Sleeping Bag is better equipped to provide warmth to you who are camping outdoors where the temperature can drop to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. With these improvements, it’s clear this sleeping bag is a better option than other Sleeping Bags. And it’s less expensive, too.

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3/ Coleman Illumi-Bug 45 Degree Youth Sleeping Bag

Coleman Illumi-Bug 45 Degree Youth Sleeping Bag assures you of the highest possible quality craftsmanship you can expect from a sleeper tube. For starters, these girls and boys sleeping bags come with a cuff design that is intended to provide your kid’s face with amazing softness for superb comfort. This makes slumbering such a joy to have since there are no irritating edges scratching at your neck. The Coleman Illumi-Bug 45 also comes with a thermo lock draft tube that is fully integrated into the interior of the sleeper tube, effectively preventing the loss of heat which may escape through the zipper. And here’s the thing. The Coleman Illumi-Bug 45 actually features a glow in the dark fun design that should provide an interesting conversation piece among friends. This sleeper tube is generally designed for outdoor use.

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4/ TETON Sports Celsius Junior Sleeping Bag

Built for the great outdoors, especially if you have a family who loves venturing out in sub-zero conditions, the Teton Sports Celsius Junior has got to be one of the best boys and girls sleeping bags in the world. Why? Its insulation capabilities are unmatched in its class. It boasts of a -7 degrees Celsius. The Celsius Junior features a 4 channel hollow fiber fill known as SuperLoft Elite giving it its superb thermo insulating capabilities. The lining is made of brushed polyester flannel with a very sturdy taffeta shell that helps guarantee durability. It even weighs in at just 2.65 pounds, way lighter than most other similar products. The Celsius Junior comes with a rounded or curved hood to keep your head or pillow well off the ground. It has a highly accessible yet fully secure inside pocket, too, perfect for keeping your valuables like smartphones, jewelry, snacks, or wallet while he or she sleeps. The Celsius Junior comes in 3 different color patterns for both boys and girls.

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5/ Wenzel Backyard Sleeping Bag

Most sleeping bags don’t offer protection for the head and the face. For those who would like to get better warmth for the whole body, then getting a mummy type of sleeping bag is a good choice. And when it comes to mummy sleeper bags, the Wenzel Boys sleeper tube is just perfect. Bested only by the Teton Celsius Junior in its temperature rating, registering 30 degrees Fahrenheit or -1 degree Celsius capabilities, the Wenzel boys sleeping bags make for superb insulation because of its unique tapering design. Its curved hood also provides ample coverage for the head so your gets to retain as much heat as possible. Like the Moose, the Backyard comes with a non-allergenic thermal insulation material called  Insul-Therm as well as a coil zipper that instantly fixes itself. The Backyard is the perfect body covering for who would like to stay outside is subzero conditions.

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