The advantages of thermoforming ice skates

The advantages of thermoforming ice skates

Buying new skates is exciting, and can make a difference to your game. But if they don’t fit right, you’re not reaching your skating potential.

So you have decided to buy new skates. Maybe your old skates are worn out, or maybe you just want to treat yourself to a shiny new pair. You go to the store to find the perfect fit, but they still don’t quite feel like your own yet. That’s why the process of thermoforming ice skates was invented.

Read on for information about breaking in skates that are not thermoformed to your feet, what thermoforming means and the advantages of having thermoformed ice skates.

What does thermoforming ice skates mean?

Essentially, it’s when you heat up the inside of your skates to shape them to your feet. This process will cost you a bit of money on top of what you are spending on your new pair of skates. However, it is money well spent because you will be going home with a brand new pair of skates that are essentially custom fitted to your feet.

Note: High-end sports stores have professional equipment for thermoforming skates, so it’s not something you need to try doing at home.

The two main benefits of thermoforming ice skates

You don’t have to worry about your first few times skating with your new skates. Skates that have been thermoformed to fit your feet do not have a break-in period. You will basically be leaving the store with skates that are perfectly fitted to your feet. This not only makes wearing them more comfortable, but it will improve your skating immediately because you will feel like you are one with your skates.

When you buy a new pair of skates, there’s always the dreaded feeling of having to break them in. But with the option of thermoforming your ice skates, you can skip this break-in period all together.

Normally, you have to break in new skates

If you go to a store and buy a new pair of hockey skates, you will likely find a pair in your size. However, it won’t be exactly fitted to your feet, since all of ours are uniquely shaped. Because your skates won’t be perfectly fitted to you, you will need to break them in. You can wear them with skate guards around your house for a while, but the real breaking in will happen on the ice. Not only will you not be skating your best in this break-in period, but it will also be painful and will likely result in ugly blisters on your feet.

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