Should you throw a baby “sprinkle” for your second child?

Should you throw a baby "sprinkle" for your second child?

Many women on their second child are asking for a scaled down baby “sprinkle” instead of a more elaborate baby shower. Find out why a baby sprinkle might make sense for you and how to throw one.

What’s a baby sprinkle?

The term “baby sprinkle” is used to describe a baby shower that is less intensive, expensive and stressful than a baby shower thrown for a first child. Many women find that they would like to make less of a fuss over their second pregnancy. After all, they likely received many pricey items their first time around, they are more certain about their parenting skills, and they will be having the party in the midst of caring for one young child while being pregnant with another.

Many parents-to-be welcome the more low-key nature of the baby sprinkle, which usually features fewer guests and less elaborate festivities. And so do guests, who save money attending a baby sprinkle instead of an over-the-top baby shower.

How to throw a baby sprinkle

So your friend has requested a sprinkle instead of a shower. Here’s how to throw the party:

Invite fewer guests. Remember your friend’s first party, the one with 100 cooing guests? Put that lavish entertainment in the past and make a baby sprinkle more intimate by only inviting close friends and family.

Go co-ed. Instead of kicking men out at the door, consider inviting them to the baby sprinkle. This can ensure a more low-key gathering that’s focused on socialization rather than trading tips and advice on how to be a new mom.

Reduce the gifts. Depending on the economic status and baby-readiness of the mom-to-be, she may decide to refuse gifts altogether. If she does need a few supplies, consider a baby registry, holding a diaper lottery, requesting that friends bring used baby clothes for a clothing swap, or shifting the focus from gifts to cash that can help the second-time parents buy the baby essentials that they’re familiar with.

Scale down. Forget the ritzy decorations and manic party games. A sprinkle is quieter and less expensive than a first-time baby shower; however, that doesn’t mean it has to be less meaningful. Consider inexpensive, less flashy ways to welcome the new baby, such as having attendees sign wishes for the baby’s future in an heirloom book or asking guests what they admire about the couple’s current parenting style.

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