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As beauty lovers, we tend to spend the majority of our time perfecting our winged eyeliner and beachy curls rather than tending to our feet. So I challenge you to take a look at your tootsies. Looking a little rough? In need of some TLC? We have discovered a treatment that is just what the doctor ordered – an in-salon foot detox treatment for super smooth, baby soft feet.

Beautyheaven’s Michelle gave her feet the royal treatment at Danne Montague King headquarters in Sydney. Check out her review below…

What treatment did you get and where?

“I had the DMK Medi Pedi at DMK in Crows Nest, Sydney NSW. It’s a pedicure for very dry, cracked or calloused feet. By the end of summer (and sandal season!), my feet are generally quite dry, and I was hoping this treatment would be a quick fix.”

How much does the treatment cost?

“The treatment costs $60.”

From start to finish, what did the treatment involve?

“My therapist applied a special alkaline solution to my feet to change the pH level of the skin. It was left on for three minutes to process, before being worked in to remove the dead skin. She then used a file to take care of any remaining dry bits. After the solution was neutralised, she followed it up with a foot massage, using the ultra-rich DMK Calerase Exfoliating Foot Cream.”

How did the treatment feel?

“I had visions of the alkaline solution being quite abrasive or harsh but the truth was, I didn’t feel a thing. At least not until the final foot massage – that felt incredible!”

How did your skin feel immediately after the treatment?

“Funnily enough, my feet felt quite ‘naked”’ with their new smooth surface! The skin was a bit slippery to the touch and felt incredibly soft.”

How did your skin feel a couple of days after the treatment?

“There was no peeling or irritation – just smooth, soft skin.”

What were the results like?

“Hello, sandals!”

Who would you recommend this treatment for?

“Anyone guilty of not giving their feet enough TLC. While my heels weren’t cracked or calloused, the treatment does work particularly well on those that are.”

Anything else worth noting?

“Depending on how calloused your feet are, you might need more than one treatment to get rid of the built-up dead skin; treatments can be done every two to four weeks. The treatment isn’t suitable if you have any infection around the feet or nails and also shouldn’t be done if you have sunburn. It can also remove fake tan or make it look patchy.”

Do you like the sound of this foot detox spa treatment?

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