Red is the power colour to be seen in – and Theresa May, Melania Trump prove it

Red is the power colour to be seen in – and Theresa May, Melania Trump prove it
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What does wearing red say about you? These strong women sure know how to work the striking shade with ease…

What do you think of when you see the colour red? Danger, passion, anger, love, energy or even radiance?

As far as colours on the spectrum go, red has many powerful connotations, so it’s hardly a coincidence that many of the world’s leading ladies (or their stylists) encourage them to wear the vibrant shade.

Now don’t get us wrong, it certainly takes a confident lady to wear such a bold hue, especially head to toe.

This is probably why you can’t help relating the female wearer to thoughts of independence and strength- a lady who wants to get noticed rather than sinking into the background like a colour-shy wallflower.

According  “Red is arguably the most vibrant colour on the colour wheel.

“It is attention-getting and induces a sense of power and excitement.”

Pretty powerful stuff, if we do say so.

Countless psychological experiments have also been conducted to prove the effects of wearing red. Most have confirmed that it increases attractiveness and sex appeal too.

So it’s easy to see why many the of world’s leading ladies reach straight for this striking shade on public appearances. Who’d have thought a simple colour choice could say so much…

First Lady in red Melania Trump

First Lady Melania Trump certainly isn’t shy about making sure she gets noticed, often opting for a bold hue during public presidential outings. This bright red coat dress by New York designer Alice Roi was not only a striking choice for her husband’s meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, but with its cinched in waist and flared skirt also proves the bold hue can look extremely elegant too.

Prime Minister Theresa May

Theresa sure is a lady who should be admired for her colour wearing confidence. Her wardrobe is bursting full of bold red pieces and we regularly see her sporting the shade head to toe.

The 60 year old was even seen wearing one of her favourite red Amanda Wakeley suits to meet President Trump for the first time- a savvy choice considering the world was watching her every move.

The Prime Minister’s strength and power is conveyed though her use of colour – it’s a very clever styling trick.

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton

Taking much of her lead from the late Jackie O, Kate Middleton is another influential lady who isn’t afraid to rock a little red from time to time.

Not only does it ensure all eyes on her (for the right reasons of course), the flattering shade makes Kate ooze radiance, glamour and most of all confidence.

This two piece skirt suit by Italian designer Luisa Spagnoli will be remembered on her for years to come.

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