Reasons an Account May Not Be Appearing in Credit Report

Reasons an Account May Not Be Appearing in Credit Report

In rare instances, a technical issue may prevent an account from being shown on your credit report, even if the lender is providing the information to Account.

In some cases, the account is temporarily not shown, for example when two companies are merging. The account may be removed from the credit report at the request of the business until it completes consolidation of its records. That helps ensure the account information is consolidated correctly so that the information is not shown incorrectly on your credit report.

In those instances, the account information will be restored automatically.

Finally, double check to make sure the account is not being reported under a different company name than the one you know it by. For example, retail stores may offer credit cards with their brand name, but your credit report will show the name of the bank that actually manages the account.

Most of the time, however, an account is “missing” because the business has chosen not to report it to Account. Because there is no contractual relationship between Account and the business, Account has no ability to add the account.

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