Picking your ideal campsite in Canada’s National Parks

Picking your ideal campsite in Canada's National Parks

If you’re planning a camping trip to one of Canada’s National Parks, it’s best to consider location and the style of camping that’s best for you.

Picking your ideal campsite in Canada's National Parks
Picking your ideal campsite in Canada’s National Parks

Canada has an array of natural beauty and wildlife, which entices visitors and locals alike to explore the great outdoors.

The National Parks of Canada are ideal for taking in the gorgeous views of nature, plus, many offer camping grounds fit for everyone, from the rustic camper needing only the basics to the more modern outdoors person who prefers four solid walls and a full kitchen.

Picking a province or territory

National Parks are spread throughout every province and territory in Canada.

  • Select a location close to you or visit several locations and tour the campgrounds around Canada.
  • Select a province or territory based on the weather, type of outdoors activities you want to enjoy or specific wildlife you hope to spot.
  • May through September is considered camping season in Canada, although some locations do have year-round camping available.
  • If you really hope to soak up the sun during the peak of camping season, concentrate on warm British Columbia.

Types of camping accommodations

There are many types of camping accommodations in Canada. These include:

  • RVs: There are a few spots that cater to RV campers in the National Parks of Canada.
  • Solid structures: If you want a more unique camping experience, you can visit campgrounds that have cabins and yurts that offer solid wooden walls and a raised floor. These are the closest option to a house, which is ideal if you have very young kids or simply prefer to have modern conveniences in the midst of nature.
  • Unique structures: Tentiks are a mix between a cabin and a tent, with the outside resembling a tent, and with a solid floor and built in beds.
  • Roughing it: Primitive campgrounds are just as they sound — a place to pitch a tent, a fire and occasionally a wood stove.
  • Equipped campsites: Equipped campsites are a special feature for the last minute camper or those who simply don’t possess any camping gear. The tent is already set up with cots, chairs, a table and a propane stove. You only need to bring your bedding, clothing and small necessities such as pots and flashlights.

Once you have decided upon a location and type of accommodations, you can narrow your search down to a specific campsite.

Don’t forget to check that reservations can be made and what types of activities are offered at the campsite to avoid any disappointment!

Happy camping!

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