One-minute productivity tips

One-minute productivity tips

Do you want to be more productive with your day? It’s truly amazing how quickly your day can fill up with unimportant tasks, and you may reach the end of the workday without being as productive as you had planned. However, you don’t need to overhaul your schedule to increase your productivity at work. Use these simple time-savers to become more productive on a daily basis. Begin incorporating a few into your schedule, and see how much more work you’re able to fit into your day.

One-minute productivity tips
One-minute productivity tips

1. Check email periodically

Turn off your email alerts and don’t check your email constantly. While checking your email takes less than a minute, it completely distracts you from the task at hand and can significantly slow down your productivity levels. Since you probably do need to stay on track with your email, set a certain time to check it. The best time to check email is right before your break; the task won’t interrupt your work, and you can focus on the messages without any distractions.

2. Create lists

The best way to accomplish your goals is to make a list every day of what you need to do. Some people like to make their list the day before, while others may find it best to write a new list every morning. Writing a list takes less than a minute, but it can do wonders for keeping your day on track and ensuring you don’t miss anything important.

3. Have face-to-face conversations

Instead of an email, try talking to someone in person about business matters. In most cases, this only adds a minute to your day, and it can sometimes be a time-saver. However, there’s a huge benefit to talking to someone in person. You’ll get more direct answers to your questions as well as better feedback than you would from an email. Go beyond surface digital interactions and start seeing tangible benefits for your productivity.

4. Organize your space

It’s amazing how a minute of rearranging your desk or office can change your productivity levels. Organizing your office helps you to work more efficiently. After you’ve finished up a project, take a minute to organize the files and put them away in a designated space–even if they’re digital files. This small step will keep you and your day on track.

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