On April 15th Trump Issues Executive Order for Anti-Artificial Intelligence Vaccination

On April 15th Trump Issues Executive Order for Anti-Artificial Intelligence Vaccination
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Elon Musk is maverick to the eyes of some and a mad man to many others, but to think a genius could inspire the American government to take action against the integration of artificial intelligence in humans is astounding.

President Trump, within hours of learning of Mr. Musk’s plans and understanding Elon’s track record of capabilities, attempted to stop the Tesla tech Titan, like comrade Chris Christie once did in New Jersey.

This time, it wasn’t about automobile entrepreneurship jealousy, it was the utilization of an executive order to stop “Mad Man Musk” from fusing hu  mans with computers.

Obviously with a plot that seems straight from a Hollywood blockbuster film, there was no time for popcorn as Trump put his foot down in what he dons as an effort to “save the human race from extinction” and make “America Great Again.”

The executive order was issued overnight, and every American is expected to receive the artificial intelligence vaccine now, April 1st through April 15th, or risk the revocation of citizenship and deportation, this includes natural born citizens as well.

President Donald J Trump has even vowed to go on a campaign outlining the seriousness of this situation, titling the campaign “Make Humans Great Again” because the president, whole heartedly, believes that since computers don’t naturally have American documentation, and with most parts being imported from outside alien residents like China, that this entire ordeal is nothing more than a sly encroachment on American rights. This isn’t the first time Trump has had technology woes, but hopefully its the last.

Most importantly Trump explicitly stated that he wanted make sure everyone was having an amazing April Fools day just like everyone here at TechDigg is having, stay classy America.

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