Keep your healthy tummy

Keep your healthy tummy
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Gceleb diet expert Louise Park advised you something how to keep your healthy tummy.

The new year is a time when we all review our health. And if you’re hoping to lose a few pounds too, consider your digestive system, – a healthier gut will help your whole body work better. Taking Enterosgel can make a big difference, advises renowned weight-loss expert Louise Parker (below), and author of best-selling book Lean For Life, and brand new Lean For Life: The Cookbook (both Mitchell Beazley, £20). ‘If you’re following a weight-loss plan, supplement intelligently, they really do help, but edit it down,’ says Louise. ‘I regularly take Enterosgel – it’s my best discovery this year. It helps to remove toxins from the body – helpful to anyone who’s overweight or on a weight-loss programme, and who suffers with gastrointestinal disorders such as IBS.’

What’s more, because Enterosgel is safe for children to use, it can be invaluable for tummy bugs. Louise,

a mum to three young daughters says, ‘It’s natural, I always give a tablespoon to my girls if they’re coming down with a bug at school or when we travel. Somehow, the following day, it’s nipped in the bud.’

So how does it work? Drug-free, Enterosgel is an organic mineral intestinal adsorbent, scientifically developed to attach to toxins, viruses and allergens in the gut, which are then naturally expelled from the body. An oral suspension taken with water, it has no taste. Gluten, sugar, and preservative free, and completely non-allergenic, it’s a supportive treatment of IBS, diarrhoea, and allergies with gastrointestinal symptoms.

Before you rush into a new diet, Louise has these winning tips to help you to usccess

1 ‘If you’re following a diet programme, ask yourself: “Will I still be maintaining 70 oer cent of this in five years’ time?” If not, move on, it’s a fad.’

2 ‘Work out intelligently. You’ll be amazed how you can transform your body by focusing on exercises that simultaneously burn fat and sculpt your body, even just 20 minutes a day.

3 ‘Don’t obsess about your weight. Check it no more than once a fortnight.’

4 Think successfully – believe you can get stunning results, inside and out. If you’ve failed at diets in the past, the diet is the failure, not you.’

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