Jeans: getting the right fit

Jeans: getting the right fit

Does just the thought of buying a new pair of jeans make you break out in a sweat? Good news, here are a few tips to getting the right jeans for your body type.

Jeans: getting the right fit
Jeans: getting the right fit

If you have an hourglass figure

  • Look for classic, wide-leg jeans with a flat front that are cut a little higher in the back to keep everything smooth and contained in the back.

If you have a pear-shaped figure

  • If you have curvy hips, avoid super-tapered jeans. Go for a flare or a trouser-style jean to create balance and help to streamline your hips.

If you’re plus-size

  • Look for a dark denim with a straight-leg cut or in a trouser style for the most flattering looks.
  • Stay away from super-tapered jeans.

If you have a straight, boyish figure

  • A mid-rise jean is your best bet, with a boot cut or flare to create some curve.
  • But you can wear almost any style – from low-riders to high-waisted styles, in a light or dark denim.

If you’re an apple shape

  • Go for jeans with a waistband that hits just below your belly button so it covers your stomach without cutting into it.
  • Look for a wide waistband and some stretch in the fabric to hug you and keep everything looking smooth. Boot cut is your best style pick.

If you’re tall

  • You’re the envy of many women, since long-legged women look good in straight-leg styles or fun, flared cuts, too.

If you’re petite

  • Go for a wide leg or super flare. A slim-cut pair of jeans, like skinny jeans, are a good bet.
  • Boot cuts work well, too.

Inheriting good jeans

Purchasing the perfect pair doesn’t have to induce stress. Think of it as the opportunity to show off, quite literally, what mama gave you. Go from store to store before you commit, but it will be worth it.

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