How to throw a diaper lottery at your baby shower

How to throw a diaper lottery at your baby shower

If you’re throwing a baby shower, you’re probably looking for fun activities for guests. A diaper lottery provides parents-to-be with an essential baby care products, and provides guests with a fun activity at the same time. Read on to learn how to throw a successful diaper lottery.

Why throw a diaper lottery?

The cost of raising a child in Canada is rising quickly, and diaper purchases can be one of the biggest expenses new parents face. Diaper lotteries are a fun way to ensure that new parents have a large supply of diapers before their baby is born. The custom is gaining steam as baby shower attendees find out that a diaper lottery can be enjoyable for guests, too.

How does a diaper lottery work?

The concept of a diaper lottery is simple. A lottery for prizes is held at the baby shower. Instead of paying to participate with money, attendees pay with diapers. They exchange diapers or diaper supplies for a ticket. At the end of the shower, winners are drawn and prizes are awarded.

Throwing a successful diaper lottery

The key to throwing a successful diaper lottery lies in planning. If you want to throw a lottery, make sure shower invitations provide guests with the information they need to participate. Include a slip of paper that explains the concept and what sizes of diapers are acceptable. Hint that the more diapers a guest brings, the more entries they will receive.

Prizes can range in size and value. Gift cards and movie tickets are popular diaper lottery prizes, but some diaper lotteries up the ante with lavish gift baskets, spa days and other expensive prizes. If your prizes are particularly desirable, consider advertising them ahead of time in order to gather the largest amount of diapers possible for the mother-to-be.

Once the party has begun, assign one host to exchange diapers for tickets. You can also assign a “diaper exchange rate” for guests who haven’t brought diapers, but wish to participate by donating money in lieu of diapers or diaper supplies. At the end of the party, select winners and distribute prizes.

Remember, a diaper lottery is ultimately a party game, so approach planning and execution with a light heart and an eye on the real prize: a wonderful baby shower and a great start in life for the new child.

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