How to throw a co-ed baby shower

How to throw a co-ed baby shower

If you see something a bit unusual at your baby shower, you’re not alone. Excluded from this female-friendly event since time immemorial, more and more men are starting to attend baby showers, and in some circles, the co-ed shower is becoming a norm, not an exception. If you’re wondering how to make your shower more welcoming to men, don’t worry. With a few simple modifications, you can throw a dude-friendly shower in no time. Here’s how.

Include men on the invite

Men have traditionally been so excluded from a baby shower that when a woman receives an invitation, she automatically assumes her male partner will not be welcome at the event. If you decide to throw a co-ed baby shower, say so. Be sure to address the invitation to both parties and specify that you’ll welcome attendees of both genders.

Think about Daddy, too

The traditional baby shower celebrates a mom-to-be, but throwing a co-educational baby shower can give you the opportunity to shower a father-to-be with love, support and gifts. Try to include the father-to-be in the event as much as possible. Invite his friends, let him register for gifts and expect him to be front and centre at the event itself.

Ditch dame-centric traditions

Consider ditching female-centric traditions altogether to make your baby shower as man-friendly as possible. Remember, your male guests probably haven’t grown up attending parties where guests sniff diapers, count jelly beans or exchange graphic labour and baby delivery war stories. Rethink traditions to ensure that your party is welcoming to guests of both sexes. Although games like a diaper lottery or a trivia contest may still be appropriate, think about your attendees’ habits, preferences and dislikes before suggesting a party game.

Dude-friendly decorations

Potential attendees may be turned off by plenty of pink and blue, so consider a more gender-neutral colour scheme, like yellow, lavender, green or gray-blue. And don’t forget the best decoration of all: plenty of delicious food. Both sexes will delight in sandwiches, dips, sweets and drinks.

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to throw a baby shower, and since the idea of co-educational baby showers is still relatively new, there are few rules of etiquette to worry about. By treating the shower like any other party, you’ll ensure your guests are comfortable and happy and the parents-to-be are showered with support before their little bundle of love arrives.

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