How to throw a baby shower

How to throw a baby shower

It’s finally happened — your best friend, sister or relative is about to pop any day, and it’s up to you to throw a baby shower to celebrate the baby’s impending arrival. Trouble is, you’re a first-timer; how are you going to show the mama-to-be a good time? If you’re not sure where to start, follow these tips to throw a baby shower the she is sure to remember.

Pick a venue

The last thing you want to do is trek out to an unfamiliar location miles away. Keep it simple and keep your venue close to home. Better yet, host it at a nearby quiet restaurant or a cafe that has an event space. Sometimes the thought of having dozens (or more) guests at your house can create unnecessary stress.

Get seasonal

Picking a theme for the baby shower can be as easy as looking to the weather channel. Will it be a springtime baby? Take the shower outdoors and celebrate in a gorgeous local park, or decorate using a flower motif. If it’s a fall arrival, get creative with seasonal treats for the refreshments table: think mini pumpkin pies and apple cider. If you fancy some DIY, visit a craft store, or if you want the ultimate easy option, check out party supply companies.


Keep it easy with the games and pick two or three and be done with it. If you’ve got a big group, split guests into several teams for games that require guess work, such as quizzes. Instead of getting everyone to write a message in a book, set up a photo booth and provide an album for all the pictures taken. Mom will get to keep some memories and the guests get to have fun.

Be firm with times

Pick a time, put it on the invitation and be firm. You don’t want people showing up too early while you’re still decorating, and stragglers can overstay their welcome, making the clean up difficult.

Don’t forget gifts

Everyone wants to give mom a gift, and they’re all asking you for ideas. Keep it easy and start a gift registry for a fuss-free way to get thoughtful and practical gifts. Or, consider asking everyone to chip in and give mom a generous gift card to a local baby store. The last thing she wants is to open up four of the same toy or baby pyjama sets.

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