How to successfully rock orange lipstick

How to successfully rock orange lipstick

Orange has earned a reputation as a difficult lipstick colour to master. Fortunately, with a little bravery and colour experimentation, you can easily choose a shade of citrus that’s flattering to your skin tone.

How to successfully rock orange lipstick
How to successfully rock orange lipstick

Slices of orange

Not all oranges are created equal, and that’s a good thing.

Orange lipsticks pop up in a range of hues from blue-based cool shades to warm rusts that conjure up the look of fall.

Experiment with different types to find a shade that flatters your individual complexion.

  • As a general guide, pale skin tones look best with a more pastel, muted orange, while tan skin tones can handle bright, neon tones.
  • For those who are shy, classic red shades are available with a variety of orange notes to safely fit any skin tone.

Tone considerations

Choosing a shade that’s light or bright is only the first step; skin tone plays a major role in finding the most flattering colour for your face.

  • First, determine whether you have warm or cool undertones. Once you know if you’re warm or cool, you can choose an orange shade that features undertones to flatter your complexion.
  • Warm tones look best in true oranges with hints of peach, true orange or copper, while cool tones are most flattered by oranges that contain traces of bluish reds and pinks.

Wardrobe combinations

Orange looks particularly sophisticated when paired with wardrobe neutrals like ivory, cream, warm grey and gold.

  • For an added dose of femininity, style orange lipstick with hot pink, cobalt blue, eggplant and moss green garments. These colours tend to maximize the shade without looking clownish.

Complementary colours

While wardrobe selections are certainly a major consideration when venturing into orange lipstick territory, perhaps the most important consideration is the choice of makeup used in conjunction with this tricky colour.

  • Blue is opposite orange on the colour wheel, so a clean cat eye with navy liner and mascara or a pop of cobalt on your lids is an ideal way to pull the look together.

Fresh and clean

Because orange is such a bold colour choice, keep the golden rule of makeup application in mind: balance bright or heavy application with light and subdued complementary shades.

  • Don’t pile on blush or heavy foundation. Instead, opt for a natural, clean palette to better showcase the vibrant hue.
  • When applying complementary colours, keep them small (like a dash of gold eyeliner).
  • Limit them to only one shade so as not to overwhelm the face.

The perfect shade for you

Orange lipstick is pure fun, and its warmth can brighten any skin tone. Experiment with poppy hues and pumpkin stains until you find the perfect shade of orange that flatters you.

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