How to fix AC Error Codes on DAIKIN Air Conditioner

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How to fix AC Error Codes on DAIKIN Air Conditioner
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Your Daikin AC is showing error codes but you do not know what they mean? The error codes we share in this article will tell you what is the problem with your AC Daikin. Knowing the error code will help you to find out the problem with your air conditioner and then you can fix it yourself.

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Daikin AC Error Codes – Indoor Unit Error Codes

1/ DAIKIN AC “A” Error Codes

– AO Indoor Error of external protection device

– A1 Indoor PCB defect

– A3 Indoor Malfunction of drain Level control system

– A5 Indoor Freeze-up prevention

– A6 Indoor Fan motor lock – overload

– A7 Indoor Malfunction of swing motor flap

– A9 Indoor Malfunction of EEV

– AF Indoor Drain level above limit – clogged

– AJ Indoor Malfunction of capacity set device

2/ DAIKIN AC “C” Error Codes

– C3 Indoor Malfunction of drain thermistor

– C4 Indoor Malfunction of liquid pipe thermistor

– C5 Indoor Malfunction of gas pipe thermistor

– C7 Indoor Lower louvre limit switch – motor

– C9 Indoor Malfunction of air thermistor

– CC Indoor Malfunction of moisture sensor

– CA Indoor Malfunction of discharge air thermistor

– CJ Indoor Malfunction of remote control thermistor

– CE Indoor Malfunction of radiant heat sensor

3/ DAIKIN AC “E” Error Codes

– E0 Outdoor Activation of outdoor safety device

– E1 Outdoor PCB defect

– E3 Outdoor Activation of high pressure switch

– E4 Outdoor Activation of low pressure switch

– E5 Outdoor Activation of compressor over heat protection

– E5 Outdoor Compressor motor lock

– E6 Outdoor Compressor start up error

– E6 Outdoor Standard compressor lock overcurrent

– E7 Outdoor Fan motor lock – Overload

– E8 Outdoor Inverter input overcurrent

– E9 Outdoor Malfunction of EEV

– EA Outdoor Four way valve defective

4/ DAIKIN AC “F” Error Codes

– F3 Outdoor Abnormal discharge pipe temperature

– F6 Outdoor Refrigerant overcharged

– FC Outdoor Low pressure drop

5/ DAIKIN AC “H” Error Codes

– H3 Outdoor High pressure switch defect

– H4 Outdoor Low pressure switch defect

– H6 Outdoor Compressor motor position detection sensor error

– H7 Outdoor Fan motor position detection sensor error

– H8 Outdoor Current transformer error

– H9 Outdoor Malfunction of air thermistor

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6/ DAIKIN AC “J” Error Codes

– J1 Outdoor Faulty/Fault of pressure sensor

– J2 Outdoor Current sensor Faulty/Fault

– J3 Outdoor Faulty/Fault of discharge pipe thermistor

– J4 Outdoor Low pressure saturation thermistor

– J5 Outdoor Faulty/Fault of suction pipe thermistor

– J6 Outdoor Faulty/Fault of heat exchanger thermistor

– J7 Outdoor Faulty/Fault of heat exchanger liquid thermistor

– J8 Outdoor Faulty/Fault of liquid pipe thermistor

– J9 Outdoor Faulty/Fault of gas pipe thermistor

– JA Outdoor Faulty/Fault of discharge pipe pressure sensor

– JC Outdoor Faulty/Fault of suction pipe pressure sensor

– JH Outdoor Faulty/Fault of oil temperature sensor

7/ DAIKIN AC “L” Error Codes

– L0 Outdoor Malfunction of inverter

– L3 Outdoor Electronic component box overheat

– L4 Outdoor Inverter cooling defect

– L5 Outdoor Comp motor ground fault Short circuit

– L6 Outdoor Compressor motor grounding short circuit

– L7 Outdoor Total input overcurrent

– L8 Outdoor Comp overload – Motor disconnected

– L9 Outdoor Compressor lock

– LA Outdoor Power unit malfunction

– LC Outdoor Transmission between inverter and outdoor

8/ DAIKIN AC “P” Error Codes

– P1 Outdoor Inverter over ripple

– P3 Outdoor Thermistor abnormality

– P4 Outdoor Power unit humidity sensor malfunction

– PJ Outdoor Failure of capacity set resistor

9/ DAIKIN AC “U” Error Codes

– U0 System Shortage of refrigerant or EEV failure

– U1 System Negative phase, Open phase

– U2 System Power supply insufficient

– U3 System Wiring check operation not executed

– U3 System Mismatch of indoor and outdoor units – Split only

– U4 System Transmission between indoor units

– U5 System Transmission to remote controller

– U6 System Malfunction transmission outdoor to BP unit

– U7 System Transmission between outdoor units

– U8 System Transmission between master and slave RC

– U9 System Transmission error between indoor to outdoor

– UA System Excessive number of fancoils

– UC System Address duplication of central controllers

– UE System Transmission error between indoor and central

– UF System Refrigeration system not set wiring – piping

– UF System Terminals 1 and 3 crossed (Split Skyair)

– UH System System error Refrigeration system set up

10/ DAIKIN AC “M” Error Codes

– M1 System PCB defect

– M8 System Transmission error between central controllers

– MA System Improper combination of optional controllers

– MC System Address duplication Improper setting

11/ DAIKIN AC “Number” Error Codes

– 64 VAM Indoor unit air thermistor error

– 65 VAM Outside air thermistor error

– 6A VAM Damper system alarm

– 6A VAM Damper system and thermistor error

– 6F VAM Malfunction of remote controller

– 6H VAM Malfunction of door switch or connector

– 94 VAM Internal transmission error

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