How to charge an electric scooter?

How to charge an electric scooter?

Electric scooters offer affordability, convenience and style, and have become a popular means of getting around for many Canadians. Power through this guide.

Due to environmental concerns and the high cost of gasoline, electric forms of transportation are growing in popularity throughout Canada. Electric scooters offer affordability, convenience and style, and have become a popular means of getting around for many Canadians. As an e-scooter owner and rider, the one thing you have to remember is to charge it. Prior to setting out on an electric scooter, learn how it gets power first.

Check to see if the battery is low

Every scooter is different, but all have some way of notifying you if the battery is running low. This is typically in the form of a red light or a flashing red light. When this occurs, it’s imperative that you find an electrical outlet to charge the e-scooter immediately. Most electric powered scooters can travel anywhere from 40 to 70 kilometres, depending on the battery type. For instance, 48-volt, 20 amp batteries go a bit farther than 48-volt, 14 amp ones. Keep track of how far you’ve travelled so you know when you will have to charge next and can plan accordingly.

Plug the scooter into an outlet

Scooters have a port for plugging the charger directly into the battery. First, plug the charger into the wall outlet; then, plug the charger into the scooter’s battery. Typically, the scooter’s LED battery light will show red or flashing red when it’s charging.

It’s vital to wait for the light to be entirely green, as partially charging the battery can damage the battery or affect its lifespan. A full charge takes anywhere from three to six or more hours. Don’t let the battery charge for more than 10 to 15 hours, as this can also negatively impact the battery’s lifespan. When unplugging, first unplug the charger from the scooter, then unplug from the wall.

Tips for maintaining the scooter’s battery

Make sure the charger’s voltage is appropriate for the scooter. Check the owner’s manual of your electric scooter for specific info. A voltage that’s too high can short out the scooter’s battery. If keeping the electric scooter in storage, charge at least one or two times per month as routine charging helps ensure the battery performs at top level when used regularly again. Charging the batter full each night is advised as well. If you have to replace a charger or battery, try to find the exact model as the original. Batteries and chargers that are made to match each other last longer and perform better.

Charging an e-scooter is relatively simple. However, there are certain things that you must pay attention to and daily charging is necessary for those that ride every day. By taking care of the battery each and every day, you’ll get the maximum lifespan from it.

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