How ice skate profiling can improve your game

How ice skate profiling can improve your game

Ice skate profiling can make a great hockey player an unbelievably great hockey play. Here’s what you need to know.

The great skaters are usually the best hockey players. That’s because if you can be at the right place at the right time on the ice, you have more opportunities to have an impact on the game. Some people believe that equipment doesn’t play a big role in someone’s ability to play hockey, but many people who have used ice skate profiling agree that it has improved their skating tremendously — and made them a better hockey player.

Here’s how to improve your game with ice skate profiling:

What is ice skate profiling?

Basically, it has to do with shaping the rounded or “rocker” section of skate blades. This is done by grinding the blade into the desired, optimal shape for the specific player. Skate profiling is done for virtually all professional hockey players, because it is known to improve people’s ability to skate. Many people who have had profiling done to their skates will claim that it has allowed them to skate faster, turn more easily and be more stable on their skates. Improved skating is not something that can be scientifically measured, but if all professional hockey players are choosing to do skate profiling, it’s a good indication that it does make a difference.

When it comes to playing hockey, skating is so important

You can be the best stick handler in the world, but if your skating is not good, you won’t be able to be effective on the ice. For professional hockey players or players in the top leagues, the competition is fierce, and everyone is a great skater. So, if you can find a way to be even faster, more agile and more stable on your skates, wouldn’t you do it?

Other ways you can improve your game:

  • More off-ice training: Being in shape can go a long way. Hitting the treadmill regularly and lifting weights can improve your on-ice game significantly.
  • Eating power foods before a game: You can be in great shape, but if you don’t fill yourself with the right kind of a fuel before a performance, you might not reach your potential.
  • Watching professional hockey with a critical eye: Watch how to pros play, and you will definitely learn something.

Ice skate profiling will not make you a superstar hockey player if you are a bad player now. But there’s a good chance it will improve your skating. And better skaters get to the puck first and skate around people.

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