HOT: The MEN’S FITNESS newsstand workout

HOT: The MEN’S FITNESS newsstand workout
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OKAY, GENTS: SINCE you follow Men’s Fitness in all its digital permutations, you probably know all about the stories we post every day on workouts, nutrition, and all-around cool stuff that makes your life even more awesome.

But what you might not know until reading this very sentence is that we publish a real-life print magazine on very high quality paper, with all those stories in one gorgeous, beautifully crafted package. Better yet: The brand-new May 2017 issue is out on newsstands now—and it’s not even May yet. That’s how much we care about keeping you ahead of the curve.

Show your crappy wi-fi signal who’s boss as you enjoy our latest reporting on how to win every fight you could face (check page 58) and why you should drink coffee naked (page 19), all arrayed in a glorious printed magazine. There are also pictures! Pictures of people like Yvonne Strahovski, who has nabbed a role in the upcoming Predator reboot. (She’s not saying much, but she’s revealing plenty).

Best of all: This print issue can be yours, no subscription necessary. That’s why we’ve created The Men’s Fitness Newsstand Workout. It’s specially designed to get your heart pumping, your endurance capability up, and your toughness intensified as you get your hands on the May 2017 issue of Men’s Fitness.

Step 1: Get off your ass

Standing up is good for you. Do it. You know what else is good for you? Shaking up your everyday workout. Check out a few of our off-the-wall favorites on page 80.

Step 2: Do some pushups

Back straight, head in line with your body, elbows tight to your body, chest to the floor. Essential, like a good dopp kit full of on-the-road shaving supplies (page 54).

Step 3: Go to your nearest purveyor of quality magazines

This is the cardio component of the workout, and that means you have endless options. Hit up the newsstand on the way to the gym—preferably while suited up in some of our favorite spring styles (see the picks on page 52.) Or head to the nearest drugstore, potentially as part of our balls-to-the-wall beach body workout. (Get ours on page 109). Go to a brick-and-mortar bookstore and show the ladies in your life you’re an erudite son of a Socrates as you flip through our feature written entirely by Sterling Archer himself (page 92).

Step 4: Buy the May issue of Men’s Fitness

Chris Pratt, the ultra-ripped, All-American actor we all love to love, is on the cover. Check out his feature on page 66, and then steal one of the workouts he used to get incredibly ripped for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. (We did.)

Step 5: Profit

Imagine the satisfaction on your next business flight when all the other schmucks on that 747 have to shut down their laptops during takeoff and landing, all while you’re getting the scoop on some kickass broiler-friendly, muscle-building recipes (page 87). “Damn,” the non-magazine-endowed fellow passengers will say, “that totally badass dude has his shit together.”

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