Fixes for Stuck Stroller Issues

Fixes for Stuck Stroller Issues
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Keep your baby stroller in working order by following the below tips and tricks for common stroller issues.

The brake on my stroller isn’t working

Adjust the brake cable

Stroller brakes can become clogged by dirt and debris, and they often need adjusting to maintain their stopping power.

+ For stroller brakes that are activated by a brake lever (much like a bicycle brake), tighten or loosen the brakes with the adjuster nut, which is located where the cable enters the lever. If the cables have become kinked, you may need to buy and fit a new cable.

+ Some strollers have a cable adjuster (often shaped like a bullet) on the cable by the brake. Turn it, then check the brake’s operation.

+ For a foot-operated brake, check the brake assembly. Small stones or mud can become lodged in the teeth (located on the axle) that the brake locks onto — use an old screwdriver to clear the teeth.

My stroller clicks when I’m pushing it along

The brake isn’t fully disengaged

The brake mechanism can catch against the wheel when in motion, causing a clicking sound.

+ First, check that the brake lever is fully off.

+ Next, check the brake cable (if your stroller has one). Tighten it if necessary, until the brake stops knocking.

+ Finally, check all the brake’s screws and bolts and ensure that the wheel’s axle bolts are secure, tightening any that are loose.

My collapsible stroller won’t fold up

Remove obstructions, check for damage and apply lubricant

A collapsible stroller that refuses to fold — or to stay in its folded position — is hugely frustrating.

+ Make sure nothing is sticking out and stopping the sections of frame moving past one another — like an object left in the basket beneath the buggy, or even the buggy fabric itself.

+ Carefully inspect the catches and each section of the metal frame. Use pliers to straighten any bent metal catches; if the frame seems bent, open the buggy fully and try to bend the damaged sections back into shape.

If you can’t see anything stopping the buggy from folding, the joints and catches may have stiffened or seized (especially if you store it outside). Lubricate the joints with a squirt of aerosol lubricant or a silicone-based furniture polish.


Do not attempt to force your stroller to collapse if you can’t identify the obstruction — you risk breaking the stroller and could injure yourself on any splintered or broken parts. Take the unit back to the store where it was purchased for some expert advice.

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