Five steps for sandal-ready feet

Five steps for sandal-ready feet
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When the weather warms up, the toes come out. Read these tips for getting soft, pampered, sandal-ready feet and be proud to show off your toes this summer.

1. Get soaking

Start by soaking your feet.

– This can be done while you multitask in the bath put on some music, light a few candles, or bring your favourite book, and let your skin start to soften up.

– If you don’t want to take a bath or don’t have a bathtub, you can simply soak your feet in a large bin or bowl.

– Soaking your feet helps to loosen up calluses and soften up any hardened, dead skin.

– At a minimum, soak your feet for five minutes, but 10 or 20 is even better, if you can spare the time.

– Adding a few drops of tea tree oil to the water will help work as an antiseptic to help kill any fungus.

2. Exfoliate

Using an exfoliant on a loofah, scrub your feet to remove any dead skin cells.

– This will leave your feet smoother, and will give you a better base for an even tan, if you plan to spend some time outside.

– Make sure you scrub all the sides of your feet, including the sides, top and sole of your foot.

3. File with a pumice stone

Use a pumice stone to file away any calluses on your feet. A pumice stone is a lot like sandpaper but for your feet.

– It’ll scrub down any hard parts on your foot and make your feet feel youthful, soft, and more supple again.

4. Care for your cuticles

The cuticles are a much-neglected zone of the feet and hands.

– Pamper them by applying a drop of cuticle oil to each toe to soften them up so you can push them back easier. Then, clip your toe nails and apply a polish if you choose.

5. Treat yourself to a foot massage

Once your polish is dry, massage a foot cream into your foot, and leave it overnight to soak in.

– A good way to prevent your feet from making everything they touch greasy is to put a generous amount of foot lotion on them, then put on socks. There are special spa socks made for this purpose.

– A foot cream will help to further moisturize your feet. Choosing a lotion of Alpha Hydroxy Acid is a good idea to further help repair and exfoliate your winter feet and get them ready for summer sandals.

Pamper yourself with an at-home pedicure and feel confident when you slip your feet into your sandals this summer.


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