Five low maintenance cut flowers for your home

Five low maintenance cut flowers for your home

If you know what flowers to grow, you can have a beautiful garden that provides you with cut flowers with very little time and effort. The plants on this list bloom from early summer to the first frost.

Five low maintenance cut flowers for your home
Five low maintenance cut flowers for your home


Cosmos blooms look delicate but last a long time in a bouquet.

The cosmos plant itself is quite tall, and depending on the variety, these plants can grow up to 150 cm (about 59 inches).

These flowers come in colours to match any landscaping theme, and popular options include orange, pink, red and white. Even the foliage of this plant is beautiful, making it a wonderful bedding plant for full sun.

While it is an annual which has to be replanted every year, cosmos freely reseed, making it unnecessary to replant each year as long as a few seed heads are left on the plant at the end of its growing season.


Echinacea is known as a medicinal herb as well as a beautiful bloom. Plus, like cosmos, echinacea is a reseeding annual.

Known as purple coneflower, echinacea is hardy in drought conditions and freely attracts butterflies and other pollinating insects.

These low maintenance cut flowers perform best in full sun.


This popular bedding plant comes in a wide variety of colours including purple, white, pink, red, orange and yellow.

Seed packs containing a variety of colours are easy to find in seed catalogues and garden centres. These variety packs are a wonderful way to add a lot of colour to an otherwise plain flower bed.

Zinnias, just like cosmos and echinacea are reseeding annuals that do best in full sun.


Yarrow is a perennial, which means it returns each year from its own roots. As such, this beautiful flower never has to be replanted and offers excellent weed control.

Colour options for yarrow include white, yellow, red and pink. Yarrow can also grow quite tall (over 100 cm, or about 39 inches).

Plus, because it provides such good weed control and has very few fertilization requirements, yarrow is an excellent low-maintenance flower.


Most people are familiar with the classic white shasta daisy, but many people may not know how easy it is to grow.

A perennial in warmer climates, shasta daisies can also be grown in cooler climates. Even in these cooler areas, if you leave some blooms on the plant at the end of the season, daisies will return as a reseeding annual like zinnia, echinacea and cosmos.

Give yourself a lifetime of beautiful blooms

Growing beautiful cut flowers doesn’t require a huge time commitment. In fact, if you plant these flowers once and let them reseed, you can have a lifetime of beautiful blooms in the garden and in your home.

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