Festive wrapping tips for baby shower gifts

Festive wrapping tips for baby shower gifts

Celebrating a new baby at a baby shower can be exciting and festive, and there are many great gifts that can be both helpful and fun for new moms. If you’re planning to go to a baby shower, there are a few creative ways to wrap baby gifts to make the gift look even more special – check out some helpful gift wrapping tips below.

1. Wrap a gift in a baby blanket

You can make one gift into two by wrapping your present in a baby blanket. Whether you’ve gotten the baby an outfit, toy or baby book, you can use a blanket in place of gift wrap. Simply fold the blanket neatly around the item as you would a piece of wrapping paper, then secure it with a soft satin or silk ribbon.

2. Make a gift basket in a baby tub

One useful gift you can get new mothers is a basket full of helpful baby items like baby powder, shampoo, diapers, bibs and more. Gather lots of cute and useful baby items together, then assemble them inside of a baby tub. Adorn with confetti, tissue paper, ribbons and other festive items. Then, after the mom opens the gift and receives the useful items, she will also be able to use the tub they came in to bathe the baby once he or she arrives.

3. Adorn gifts with pacifiers and teething rings

Rather than add a simple bow or ribbon to the top of a traditionally wrapped present, adorn the package with a useful item, like a pacifier or teething ring. These items are often bright and colourful, like a ribbon, and they will not only be appropriately baby-shower-themed, but they will also be useful once the baby is born.

4. Use baby bottles

Another useful gift container than be effective for wrapping is the baby bottle. Simply buy four baby bottles, then fill with small gifts like onesies, bibs, cloth diapers or anything else that can easily fit inside. Then, tie the four bottles together and give to the mom as one gift. She will not only be able to use the things inside the bottles, but also the bottles themselves. You can also do something similar using baby-safe plastic food storage containers, which moms will eventually be able to use to carry around baby food.

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