Everything you need to know about makeup and acne-prone skin

Everything you need to know about makeup and acne-prone skin

For both teens and adults, acne is one of the most common skin problems, often presenting issues when it comes to applying makeup. Here are some of the best tips on beautifying with a breakout.

Everything you need to know about makeup and acne-prone skin
Everything you need to know about makeup and acne-prone skin

Use oil-free and non-comedogenic makeup

Foundations and concealers can come in handy for anyone looking to cover acne scars and pimples, but it’s important to select products that don’t contain oil and are non-comedogenic.

  • Products that don’t meet these criteria may conceal your acne but they can also make it worse.
  • By using products that are oil-free and non-comedogenic, you’re ensuring the spot fix won’t cause any additional breakouts or irritations.

Use concealer

Foundation is a good start to a smoother-looking base, but once you’ve applied it, you may notice some scars and blemishes still showing.

  • The best thing to do is apply a drop of thicker concealer (made for covering up darker imperfections) to each blemish individually with either a stiff brush or your fingertip.
  • Pat the product on gently and avoid brushing anything else over, other than setting powder, to ensure it stays in place.

Use green corrector

Though quite similar in texture to a concealer, a corrector is a different type of product.

  • Its goal is not to cover necessarily (though they usually do anyway) but to alter the colouring, making a mark or blemish easier to conceal.
  • Green corrector is used for countering redness typical of pimples. This can make it very hard to conceal with regular cover-up.
  • The green base will neutralize the reddish hue and make it much easier to camouflage.

Clean your makeup brushes regularly

Your makeup brushes pick up a lot of bacteria when you’re covering up a breakout.

  • That bacteria can spread onto other areas of your face to create even more breakouts if you don’t clean them regularly.
  • Ideally, you should clean you brushes with a mild soap or brush cleanser and warm water.
  • Rinse them thoroughly and allow them to lay flat to dry so as not to damage the bristles in any way.

Wash your makeup off every night

Going to bed with makeup left on your face is a big no-no for anyone, but especially for someone suffering from acne.

  • Leaving makeup on will allow it to clog your pores overnight and lead to even more grease and breakouts.
  • This is probably the best makeup tip to keep in mind. You’d be surprised just how quickly your skin can clear up when you care for it better.

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