Easy tips on how to apply makeup

Easy tips on how to apply makeup

Even if you’re a beginner, these tips can help help anyone learn how to apply makeup like a professional.

Easy tips on how to apply makeup
Easy tips on how to apply makeup

Getting started

  • Prep the skin by cleansing and moisturizing.
  • Apply as much moisturizer as needed to smooth the texture of your skin. Let it absorb into the skin, this will act as a base and allow the makeup to blend easier and last longer.
  • Camouflage imperfections with a concealer or foundation using your fingertips
  • Add layers of colour and highlight your best assets (lips, eyes, eyelashes)
  • Set and perfect the makeup

Every night, without any exceptions, use a quality cleanser to remove oil build-up to avoid blocked pores which lead to break-outs. Then tone the skin and apply a moisturizer or night cream.

Makeup products you need to get started

  • Select a light foundation or tinted cream according to your skin type. Pick matte for oily skin, rich and hydrating for dry skin. Better yet, buy two foundations to use depending on the season.
  • Two quality concealers, a lighter one for the winter and a darker one for summertime
  • A translucent powder is great for absorbing oil and setting the makeup
  • Blush (loose powder, pressed or cream)
  • A moisturizing lipstick and lip gloss; gloss can be worn alone or on top of lipstick for a high-shine finish
  • Eyeliner in black, brown, taupe or dark grey
  • A lengthening, volumizing, or nourishing mascara, depending on your lashes
  • Neutral and complementary eye shadows

Makeup tools

  • Quality brushes (for eye shadow, eyebrows, lips, blush, loose powder and even foundation)
  • An eyelash curler
  • Cosmetic sponges for blotting foundation
  • Pencil sharpener (lips, eyes, eyebrows)

Practice makes perfect

Allow yourself time to explore and experiment. There’s no magic makeup and you won’t be expert on your first try. Trial and error is how the most famous makeup artists learned, so don’t give up.

Online video tutorials are a wonderful resource. You’ll find step by step demonstrations showing you how to highlight (carve out cheekbones, brighten eyes, create pouty lips) and conceal (acne, dark circles and refine the nose).

How to apply makeup

  • Always start small, adding more to build up to the look you want. It’s easier to add more than it is to edit and remove the product, which is why experts recommend using a brush to apply foundation.
  • For a more natural looking foundation, use a sponge to dab it on, or a brush to blend it using light circular motions.
  • To create balance, only emphasize one feature at a time. As a general rule, if your eyes are smoky, the lip should be neutral and vice versa.
  • Last but not least, don’t be fooled by artificial bathroom lighting and fluorescents, ideally check your makeup with a mirror using natural light in front of a window.

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