Easy and quick fixes for makeup emergencies

Easy and quick fixes for makeup emergencies
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Lipstick gone soft? Spritzed on a little too much perfume? Fix makeup emergencies with these easy tips and tricks.

1. Firming up mushy lipstick

– Purse sitting in the sun for too long? Instead of waiting for the air conditioning to firm up your softened lipstick, pop it into the fridge for a fast five-minute fix.

2. Emergency lip colour

– You can’t decide if the new dress you’re trying on is flattering to your face, and without extra colour on your lips, it’s even harder to tell. So you dig into your handbag, and surprise! You’ve left both your lipstick and lip pencil at home.

– But you do have a brown eyeliner pencil. Press the eyeliner into service on your lips, and you may find that it looks fantastic!

3. A cheesy solution

– Are you out of cotton balls and makeup remover pads and don’t like to use tissues because of the residue they leave on your skin?

– Cut a few squares of cheesecloth for wiping off makeup. They’re soft, porous and absorbent.

– Use a bigger swatch as a covering for mushy facials so you don’t drip goop on the floor or yourself; pat the cloth very gently over the mixture, just until it adheres.

4. No eye shadow applicator?

– No problem. Use a cotton swab in its place: it’s softer, the tip can be used to smudge and soften eye liner, and the best part? Toss it when you’re done.

5. Makeup mistake?

– If you go overboard with the mascara or sustain a smudge elsewhere during your makeup routine, just wipe off the slip-up with a cotton swab dipped in petroleum jelly. Then start over with a lighter hand.

6. A suprising cologne corrective

– Ever accidentally douse yourself with just a little too much cologne? If soap and water won’t correct the problem, head to the liquor cabinet and grab a bottle of vodka.

– Dab a little on the places you applied the cologne or perfume, and the nearly odourless spirit will knock out the scent in short order.

7. Homemade lip gloss

– To make your own lip gloss, scoop the last bit of lipstick from the tube and blend it with a little petroleum jelly.

– Put the mix into an empty lip gloss pot, and voila! — it’s ready to use. For a firmer gloss, refrigerate the mixture for an hour.

Your makeup will always look perfect when you’ve got these quick and easy fixes up your sleeve. So dab on some lip gloss and smile!


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