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If we always stuck to the same routine, life would be pretty boring.

Every now and then it’s good to try something new, branch out and change things up – including your beauty cabinet.

And that’s exactly what some of our members did for the latest Discovery Bag, testing out a serum, nail polish and body cream. So did they find a new Holy Grail? It’s happened before…

AWE Cosmeceuticals indiraa Age Recharge Serum

bh says:

If you’re looking to step up your skin care routine, adding a serum is the perfect age-defying addition. This one by AWE Cosmeceuticals provides a whole bunch of youth-boosting goodies, plus fancy ingredients like coconut water and Indian frankincense to brighten your complexion.

You say:

The product has a creamy consistency; it is not a runny serum like some of the other serums I’ve used. I dab a little bit of the serum onto my face and then pat it into my skin. I only use this serum as part of my morning skin care routine. It made no visible difference to the look and feel of my skin. I think that maybe, with continued use, you may see some improvement. – lubz

No matter which products I used with the AWE serum, including makeup, I had no issues with it balling up underneath, excessive oiliness or any other annoyance. The scent is quite herbal, nothing obnoxious, but there is something in there I don’t love (I think it’s the frankincense). My skin looked fresh, plump and hydrated, and the fine lines around my eyes were a little less prominent, but a week’s use was really too short to see any anti-ageing benefits. -josella432

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine

bh says:

Want a gel mani without the fuss? Barry M Gelly Hi Shine polish doesn’t need curing, but it will still give you a gel-like effect and high-shine finish. The only problem will be choosing from the 38 shades.

You say:

It lasted the whole week without chipping! I do have short nails, so maybe that is why, [but I] did not use [a] top coat at all. The best of all, it is also very affordable, so you can get many colours to play with! -Yohanna

The finish is gorgeous, very glossy even without a top coat. Instructions say to apply a base coat first, I was naughty and didn’t do this and it in no way affected the finish or the lasting ability at all. I find it only chipped under extreme conditions, like when my nails were very wet from bathing my little ones. -duality

Rubifresh Skincare Body Cream

bh says:

If you like your moisturiser thick, yet quickly absorbed and full of plant-based goodness – you’ve found it! It contains hydrating heros like cocoa butter, shea butter and aloe vera, plus antioxidant power from raspberry seed oil and pomegranate.

You say:

The cream has a nice consistency and soaks into my skin beautifully. I have normal skin and found it to be very moisturising without needing to use very much. The directions state to use it twice a day but once a day was sufficient for me. I would recommend this cream to people not on a budget and those that love natural ingredients. -survivor2012

I really like the texture of this product, it’s a lovely cream that’s quite light so it spreads well and soaks in quickly leaving the skin moisturised without leaving behind any oily or greasy residue. I’m afraid I just can’t handle the smell of this product, there are wafts of mint which I love but there’s something else in there that I sadly can’t handle. If I can make a suggestion to the company, [it’s to] release it in a couple of different scents. – Stay C

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