Content policy

My content policies include the following information:

I am responsible for the content on every page displaying my ads, even if the content was created by someone else, such as on sites with user-generated content.

– Content restrictions apply to pages / sites displaying Google ads.

+ Google Ads may not be displayed alongside any types of prohibited content in accordance with the Google advertising program policies, including adult or mature content, copyrighted, violent or otherwise. Hatred. It is my responsibility to ensure that all pages comply with these policies.

– Create sites with unique and relevant content.

+ Google will take action on domains that do not add any value to the user. Familiarizing yourself with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines will introduce me to some of the best publisher best practices, including:

. Concentrate on concise and relevant content, as placing excessive, repetitive, or unrelated keywords in the content or code of your site will not be allowed.

. Avoid using hidden text or hidden links in my website.

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