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One of my biggest beauty gripes is the fact that I have naturally fair, dead straight eyelashes. They sit very low over my eyes, which makes me look tired all the time. Whenever I see someone who has naturally curled lashes that really open up and define their eyes, I’ve always felt very envious. When it came to deciding on my wedding day beauty look, I knew that long, curled lashes were a must-have, and a lash lift gave me just that…

A few years ago I got lash extensions, and while they were perfect for giving my lashes length and fullness, they didn’t give my lashes the lift they needed and personally, I found them quite difficult to care for. When I heard that a lash lift lifts your natural lashes for up to six weeks (or until they fall out), I knew that this was the right treatment for me.

I made an appointment at Elegant Lashes ( in Bondi Junction Sydney, where they specialise in lash treatments. Before my appointment I was unsure as to how a treatment could permanently reset the curl of my lashes, but my beauty therapist explained it all to me. The treatment works by placing your lashes on a curved silicon pad above your lash line, and applying a special treatment solution that resets their natural curl. The treatment is completely painless and takes about 45 minutes. I had my eyelashes tinted with a blue-black shade afterwards, which also added major impact.

When I was handed a mirror after my treatment, I was beyond amazed. My eyes looked so much bigger and more awake, and my lashes looked so long! It left me wondering why I’d never tried a lash lift before! I wasn’t allowed to get my lashes wet for 48 hours, just to ensure the treatment was completely set. To avoid getting them wet while showering, I didn’t put my face under the water and used face wipes to cleanse my face. I also had lukewarm showers instead of hot ones to prevent steam from affecting my lashes. It’s been three weeks since the treatment, and my lashes still look amazing. On my wedding day, I still had false lashes and mascara applied, but this was simply to enhance my ‘new’ natural lashes. I now don’t need to waste time curling my lashes every day and layering on lashings of mascara. In fact, I now prefer to go without mascara every day, and let my natural lashes speak for themselves.

I’m a complete lash lift convert, and I’ll definitely be making a lash lift a part of my regular beauty maintenance.

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