Beach camping: 8 ways to make it a memorable experience

Beach camping: 8 ways to make it a memorable experience

Not sure if you’re up to camping on the beach? Here are eight ways to make sure it’s one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Beach camping: 8 ways to make it a memorable experience
Beach camping: 8 ways to make it a memorable experience

Whether you’re enjoying the warm waters at Kouchibouguac National Park in New Brunswick or the sandy dunes at Grand Beach Provincial Park in Manitoba, camping on the beach can offer fun for the whole family and is not that difficult to plan.

1. Make reservations

Even if you believe you will be visiting the beach campsite in the off-season, it’s always good to call ahead to make reservations in case the park is closed, booked up or undergoing renovations.

  • If a campsite does not keep their website up-to-date, prices may also differ from what is advertised.

2. Be prepared

People typically remember to bring camping basics but often forget items like first-aid kits and bug spray.

  • You can find these important items at your local camping and sporting goods stores. A great way to prepare is to make a packing list while at the store.
  • This will help you make sure you have all of your essentials covered. Ask a store associate for advice if you’re unsure of what you may need.

3. Check the weather forecast

Even if it looks nice outside, it’s always a good idea to check the extended weather forecast.

  • You can prepare for cold nights, potential rain or days that are unseasonably hot.
  • Packing the right clothes and gear can mean the difference between a wonderful trip and a miserable one.

4. Prepare for fun in the sun

Most beach campsites are wide open and lack the shade found in forested areas.

  • Make sure you and your family are prepared for time in the sun, with plenty of water and sunscreen.
  • Also, packing a sun shade or umbrella can provide some shelter from the heat.

5. Arrive before it gets dark

Especially if you are setting up a tent, give yourself plenty of daylight hours. Fumbling around with tent poles and camping gear in the dark is no fun.

  • If you arrive too late, you may also wake other campers who are already asleep for the night.

6. Check the amenities

Campgrounds can vary widely in what amenities they have available.

  • Some feature private showers, electrical outlets, and picnic areas, while others only include the bare essentials.

7. Follow the campsite rules

Along with having different amenities, campgrounds can also have different rules.

  • To learn about specific rules, visit the campground’s website, call ahead, or ask for information when you check in to the camp.

8. Keep animals away

Even if you are not in a remote area, animals can be attracted to the food you bring to your campsite.

  • Make sure when food is not being prepared or eaten, it is tightly sealed and stowed away, ideally in your vehicle’s trunk.
  • Also, do not keep food garbage at your campsite. Rather, throw away all refuse immediately in the camp’s provided waste bins.

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