Be prepared for power outages with a silent-type generator

Be prepared for power outages with a silent-type generator

With a silent-type generator, you’ll be sure to have power available for your family when a big storm causes major power outages. Read on to find out if a generator is right for you.

Be ready for storms

Perhaps you’ve noticed that weather extremes are becoming more commonplace. Severe weather is the single leading cause of power outages in North America. Installing a backup generator at your home can ensure your family and your property remain safe and comfortable in any weather conditions.

Do you need a portable or home model generator?

Silent-type electric generators are available in both portable and stationary models. A home generator stands outside your home like a sentry, ready to leap into action as soon as a power outage or service interruption is detected. It starts automatically to restore power within seconds and needs no refuelling because it runs on your home’s natural or LP gas.

A portable electric generator is designed for use at job sites and campgrounds, tailgating events, and other remote activities. It is used to provide power for individual items, such as plug-in appliances or lighting. Portable generators are usually powered by gasoline or diesel fuel.

How much power do you need?

When you’re without power, especially in the winter, you realize just how much our modern lifestyle demands a dependable source of electricity. A home backup generator should provide enough power to operate all essential lighting, medical equipment and appliances. For some, that could mean the fridge and a few lights.

For others, anything less than a normally functioning home, including heating and air conditioning, television, computers and video games, is unacceptable. Either possibility is achievable when you choose the right size and type of generator.

What makes a silent-type generator so quiet?

The amount of noise a generator produces depends upon a number of factors, including the size of the generator. This is also an indication of the amount of power it can produce. If the unit is equipped with a heavy covering or insulation, the generator sound will be muffled and be much quieter.

Easy to install and maintain

Modern silent-type electrical generators offer built-in fuel tanks, automatic transfer switches and control systems that make them easy to install and maintain. Talk to a local dealer to learn which size and type is right for your needs and your budget.

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