Basic beauty tips for every woman

Basic beauty tips for every woman

Find out how these simple beauty tips can be useful for every woman, whether you’re a beauty pro or beginner.

Keep it clean

  • One of the most important beauty tips for every woman, whether or not they wear makeup, is to start every day with a clean palette.
  • Use a gentle cleanser suited to your skin type each morning, finishing with a cold-water splash. This will do wonders to revive your skin. The cold water will tighten pores and leave you feeling refreshed.
  • Perhaps the single most important beauty tip is take your makeup off every night before bed – even when you’ve had a late night, even when you’ve fallen asleep in front of the television. Your skin needs to breathe, and cosmetics left on overnight will smother your skin.
  • Over time this will result in clogged, stretched pores that lead to inflammation. That will lead to blemishes – yuck!
  • While you’re at it, take a little soap and water to your makeup brushes. Brushes are a handy place for germs and bacteria to thrive. If you use them daily, powder and other cosmetics will build up too.
  • Wash them using a gentle face cleanser or baby shampoo and warm water in the evening (be sure to rinse well), and they should be dry by the time you put your makeup on in the morning!

Stay hydrated

One of the best ways any woman should moisturize her skin is from the inside! At least eight glasses of water a day are recommended to hydrate the organs – and skin is the largest organ of the human body.

Protect your skin from damage

  • The sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays are not limited to the hot months of summer. You’re at risk for sun damage any time of the year. This can visibly result in fine lines, wrinkles, age spots or even skin cancers.
  • Protect yourself from UV radiation by wearing a daily moisturizer with sunscreen or layering on a sunscreen before you moisturize.
  • If you spend a lot of time outdoors during the day, make sure you don’t forget the back of your neck, chest, hands and any other exposed skin.
  • Your eyes need sun protection too, so wear sunglasses. Since squinting in the sun also increases your chances for fine lines and wrinkles, consider sunglasses another defense against aging.

Exfoliate regularly

  • As we age, our body’s process of shedding dead skin cells slows resulting in dull or uneven skin. Keep skin looking fresh by using a gentle exfoliate to remove dead skin once or twice a week.
  • Granular scrubs and even exfoliating brushes can be too harsh, especially if you’re prone to thinking more pressure is better.
  • These can often just aggravate skin. Enzyme products are gentle but effective exfoliates usually derived from natural foods like papaya, pumpkin or pineapple.
  • Enzymes break down the bonds between dead skin cells. They also contain antioxidants that can help nourish and strengthen skin.

With use over time these tips can help to improve the tone and texture of your skin.

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