Are you lacing your skates the right way?

Are you lacing your skates the right way?

Some people underestimate the importance of a good pair of laces. There are many different kinds available, and the good ones are worth the money.

Every skater remembers his or her first time skating with laced-up ice skates. The smell of the arena (which includes the smell of used hockey equipment!), the feeling of stepping onto the ice for the first time, the taste of arena hot chocolate to warm up afterward — these are the memories of every skater.

If you haven’t experienced this yet or you’re ready to buy skates for your child, you’ll want to start by buying a pair of skates you can lace up.

Is it time to buy your child a pair of lace-up ice skates?

Take your child to the store to buy skates. Good stores will be able to size your child properly. Length and width matter. Have your child try on several pairs that seem like they will fit. If your child is comfortable walking around in the store, he or she will be comfortable on the ice.

Laces for skates vary in quality

There are so many different kinds. And be warned that if you get the cheap ones, they will likely rip more easily. You might want to spend the extra few bucks to get wax laces, as these tend to stay in place better than regular laces. They’ll also last longer.

Tip: Don’t leave the store without sharpening the skates. Most places charge around $5 to sharpen skates, and some will do it for free with the purchase of skates.

Try the hooks for tightening laces

There are hooks you can buy to facilitate lace tying. Choose the kind that fit your finger, and try them out in the store if you can.

Many organizations sell laces to support their causes

Entire teams might, for example, wear pink laces to support breast cancer research. If you or someone you know is selling laces to support a cause, a nice way to show your support is to buy and use them.

Have a pair of spare laces in your skating bag, just in case

It’s important to buy spare laces in case yours rip unexpectedly. But make sure the spare laces are the right size. Laces can be very long or very short, and having a spare lace in your bag that’s too short for your skates is no use to you.

Getting a pair of ice skates and buying a good pair of laces for them can be all you need to enjoy hours of fun on the ice.

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