Alleviate back pain with the Alexander Technique

Alleviate back pain with the Alexander Technique

Since the 19th century, the Alexander Technique has been used to enhance patients’ movements, resulting in poise, balance and, in many cases, less back pain.

This technique is also designed to help cure stage fright, improve musicians’ and vocalists’ performances, aid those with asthma and other respiratory issues, and even cure stuttering. When users recognize the inefficiency of their bodies, they can establish new and more streamlined habits, resulting in more confidence, less pain and overall improved quality of life.

Who can benefit

There’s a good chance the Alexander Technique can help you or someone you care about. Every day is filled with repetitive movements that most of us don’t really think too much about: sitting at a desk for hours on end, getting into and out of our cars and beds and bending down to pick things up. While these movements may seem mundane and harmless, if they’re performed incorrectly, they can lead to serious bodily damage and chronic pain, especially in the lower back. If this sounds familiar, consider a visit to a teacher trained in the Alexander Technique. Teachers can be found in all provinces and territories.

How it works

You may need as few as six sessions to as many as several dozen sessions to correct your problems. Your session will begin by identifying your harmful habits. Maybe you slouch when you sit or perhaps you engage the wrong muscles when doing something as simple as walking. These habits could be the cause of your back pain. Your teacher will ask you to perform certain movements, probably in front of a mirror, and will then identify the sources of your problems. Next, you’ll learn how to correctly perform these movements without overusing or misusing certain muscles. You’ll also master how to maintain the proper relationship between the head, neck and spine by learning how to tune into your body.

Benefits of the Alexander Technique

If you suffer from the debilitating effects of chronic back pain, chances are you’re willing to try anything to find a cure, so what do you have to lose? All it takes is a handful of sessions with a teacher to help cure a nagging back pain that could last the rest of your life. The Alexander Technique is a time-tested alternative to surgery and a natural way to avoid, or at least decrease, your intake of painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications.

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