Adorable baby shower invitation ideas to help your shower stand out

Adorable baby shower invitation ideas to help your shower stand out

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate the upcoming birth of a new child. Sending out baby shower invitations can be fun and you can even come up with ways to make them yourself. Instead of buying generic invitations, check out these cute baby shower invitation ideas.

Baby book cover

  • You can design your invitation based on a recognizable baby book cover.
  • Keep the centre of the card blank to fill in with all the information about the shower, such as your names, the address and contact number.
  • If you want to start a baby library, you can ask guests to bring along their favourite childhood book as well.

Baby onesie

  • Designing your card or buying pre-made cards in the shape of a baby onesie is another cute idea for a baby shower invitation.
  • Designing them yourself is more fun because you have more creative control over what the invitation will look like.
  • You can make the outside look like a cute baby outfit and have the inside reveal the details of the shower on the inside.

Game tickets

  • One idea for a cute invitation is to design it to look like a game ticket. Whether you’re having a girl or a boy, this can make a fun invite.
  • You can add the guest’s name onto the ticket and assign them a row and seat number that corresponds the table or seat where they’ll be sitting. It’s a great way to make your baby shower stand out from the rest.

Formal event

  • If you want to go for an elegant invitation, one idea is to invite your guests to high tea. You can shape the invite like a tea bag and use a sophisticated font to announce the shower.
  • You can let your guests know that it will be a formal event and even mention a dress code if you like.

Champagne bottle

  • Designing your invitation like a champagne bottle is a super cute way to announce your new baby. It’s a time to celebrate, after all.
  • You can design the bottle with a white label and add a pretty graphic if you like. That way, you’ll have space on the label where you can list all of your even information for your guests.

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