Ad implementation rules

My ad implementation guidelines include the following information:

Once the code has been generated in my account, the code may not be altered or placed in any location that violates Google’s ad placement policies such as pop-up windows, software or on mimicking Google. .

– Do not edit the AdSense code.

Once I have generated my code, I will not replace any portion of the code or change the layout, behavior, targeting, or ad serving for any reason unless otherwise authorized by Google. Able to do that.

– Do not use pop up prompts or software installs automatically.

Google strives to improve the user experience on the Internet and encourages responsible software principles to be part of that effort. Therefore, my site when displaying
Google ads will not prompt users to install software on their machines. I also will not try to automatically change the user’s browser home page or through the popup prompt window.

– Respect the Google brand.

Framing or mimicking Google pages is strictly prohibited by the Google Brand Features Guidelines. As a result, I will not use any Google Brand Features, such as Google’s trademarks, logos, web pages or screenshots, without Google’s prior consent.

– Do not click on my own Google ads.

If I want more information about one of the advertisers appearing on my site, I will directly enter the URL of the ad into the address bar of the browser.

– Does not require anyone to click on my Google ads.

I will not encourage users to click on Google ads on my site – whether directly or indirectly, on a third-party site or via email. Users must always click on Google ads because they are interested in the service being advertised, not to raise money for my site or for a cause or to create some kind of reward for themselves.

– Choose a location for my ad carefully.

I will never use tricks or deceptive practices to trigger unintentional clicks on ads. Make sure that my ads are positioned correctly on the site, away from engaging elements, do not mimic the surrounding content, and are not placed in misleading headlines.

+ Keep proper spacing between ads and page controls. For example, on a game site, try to avoid placing ads too close to game controls. Typically, I’ll leave the minimum distance between the flash player and the ad 150 pixels.

+ Do not place content ads on interstitial pages, game interfaces, or online video sites. If I want to monetize my video stream or game overlay, in-stream, or alternate placements, I’ll use AdSense for video and AdSense for games.

– Do not place more ads than content on any page.

– I will provide a positive user experience on my site.

– Note how my site is promoted.

I will be careful when buying traffic or setting up an ad campaign with third parties. Before signing a contract with any ad network, I must ensure that those ad networks will never display my site in a popup window or as a result of any actions of any kind. Any software application period. I will also note that I use online advertising of any kind to comply with Google’s Landing Page Quality Guidelines.

– Use Google Analytics.

I will install and use Google Analytics to better understand and optimize my website’s traffic. Know the destination of the traffic to help my site get the most traffic.

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