Absolutely everything you need to know about mascara

Absolutely everything you need to know about mascara

Mascara is undoubtedly the most popular cosmetic product sold around the world and serves as the cornerstone of most women’s beauty routines. Even with a “no-frills” attitude towards makeup, most women feel naked without it. If there is only one thing you do to enhance your appearance, use mascara.

Absolutely everything you need to know about mascara
Absolutely everything you need to know about mascara

Different types of mascara

Volumizing: If you have thin, sparse lashes, volumizing mascara will provide instant gratification. The applicator wands are wide and thick and give the impression of having thick, full lashes.

Lengthening: All mascaras lengthen the lashes, but some more than others. If you have short lashes, lengthening mascara will make them more visible. The solution is lighter than volumizing mascara and the applicator is long and thin.

Definition: Ideal for your “day face”, these mascaras are more natural looking. They only slightly enhance the appearance of eyelashes. The wands are straight, but a little thicker than extending mascara.

Curve: If you have very straight lashes, an eyelash curler is indispensable. Use the curler before applying a coat of mascara; the curved applicator will amplify the effect.

Waterproof: Use only when needed! Waterproof mascara dries quickly and since it’s so difficult to wash off, you’ll need an oil-based makeup remover. All mascara types are available in a waterproof version.

All-in-one: Some mascara offers complete lash styling. The only downside is that formulas are heavier than the alternative; since they don’t look very natural, they are best suited for evening makeup.

Colour choices

Mascara comes in a variety of colours, which you can coordinate for maximum impact.

Brown: The ultimate for a natural, subdued look; this is especially good for blondes and redheads.

Plum, blue or purple: Highlights blue, green or honey coloured eyes.

Green: Stunning on brown eyes.

Transparent: Clear gels define and lengthen lashes without colour. This is a popular choice for teens using make up for the first time.

Mascara application tips

A few tips and tricks for applying mascara:

  1. First, curl the lashes with an eyelash curler
  2. Mascara should be applied as the last step of your makeup routine
  3. Start at the base of the lashes, almost at the lid
  4. Use small upward movements from right to left
  5. Allow the applicator brush to linger slightly at the tips of the lashes to add length
  6. Use the very tip of the brush on the outer corner of the eye and generously extend
  7. Apply two coats, the second coat after the first one has completely dried
  8. For the lower eyelashes, keep the brush vertical

Mascara maintenance

Finally, here’s how to care for your mascara:

  • Never “pump” the wand in the tube (this creates clumps and can lead to the dreaded tarantula look)
  • Don’t clean or wipe the brush
  • Discard your mascara every three months and replace it with a new one.

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