A few tips on using lip liners

A few tips on using lip liners

Some women have an irrational aversion to lip liner. It only takes one bad example to put you off. As with anything, subtlety is key with lip liner.

A few tips on using lip liners
A few tips on using lip liners

In the 1990’s, many women favoured a harsh “outline” look that included a dark lip liner around the edge of the lips combined with a lighter shade of lipstick. This look has gone the way of feathered bangs – way out of fashion.

Today, lip pencils, or lip liners, are commonly paired with the same or a similar shade of lipstick. It may be called “liner,” but these handy tools can do more than just line. Here are some lip pencil or lip liner tips for you to keep in mind:

Create fuller lips. Use lip liner to add shape and definition to lips. Trace the outer edge of your lips with the pencil, including your cupid’s bow (the little points in your lip just underneath the nose). You can also use lip liner to define the corners, slightly pointing them up. Be careful when creating shape as opposed to tracing shape. Try not to overdraw and never colour beyond the natural lip line to avoid looking clownish.

Prevent feathering. As we age, the skin around our lips is prone to forming small wrinkles. Lipstick has a tendency to “bleed” into the fine lines around the mouth, but a lip liner will hold lipstick in check.

Prolong your lipstick. After applying pencil, always use a lip brush to smudge and blend the colour on the rest of the lip. As your lipstick wears off, the lip pencil will remain so you’ll still have colour. But bold colour isn’t a requirement for lip liner since cosmetic companies are making clear lip pencils that provide the same base for any lipstick or gloss to adhere to.

Replace lipstick. For those who shy away from bold lipstick colours, a pale or nude shade lip liner can provide the perfect matte lip or act as base for a simple, clear lip gloss.

For the best success with lip liner, you need to prep your canvas. Here’s how to prep your pout for lip liner:


Before applying makeup use your toothbrush or a clean washcloth to gently scrub the lips for about 15 to 20 seconds. It’s easy to do this as part of your morning routine. When you’re done exfoliating apply a thin layer of lip conditioner. Let it soak in while you apply your makeup.

Base coat

Make sure lips your are dry. Blend your concealer or foundation around the edge of the lips as a primer for your lip liner. You can add a light layer of powder for further protection from feathering. This will help fill any fine lines and creases.

Consider these lip liner tips and lip liners themselves a valuable tool for your cosmetics arsenal. Experiment with different applications until you are comfortable. The more confident you feel about wearing makeup, the better you will look and feel.

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